WARMER MIXTAPES #1002 | by Phillip Amererson (Bitterson), Jon Lewchenko (Mighty Fox) and Tom Silva of Clara May

Photos by Rachel Oftedahl

SIDE A | by Tom Silva

1. Belle And Sebastian | The Stars Of Track And Field 
I Love Dadaist Lyric Writing that doesn't make a lick of Sense. Belle And Sebastian's Music has lasted because of the frequent left turns in their songs. This one's a soaring Ballad about Obsession and Athletics. What does make a new cult everyday to suit your affairs mean? Who cares -- it's perfect.

2. Badly Drawn Boy | Plan B.
Another meandering, epic journey through Musical Styles from the Boy. This one starts with a 60s Bubblegum and then detours into a gorgeous Piano Sonata and ends up as Rhythm Guitar Grunge.

3. Talvin Singh | Butterfly
Aphex Twin sucked the Oxygen out of the 90s Drum-Machine Chat Room, but there have been others just as good at pumping the Beat. Talvin Singh's Butterfly launches straight from its first Bars and never lets go, bringing the gorgeous Indian Bansuri Flute into sparse Electronica.

4. Innocent Murmur | Lonely Imagination Island (Time Is A Treadmill)
Innocent Murmur is an Electronic outfit out of Berkeley, California, that’s been creating some of the Most Original Soundscape Music Out There. Most interestingly, he Samples Classical Composers like Satie and Lizst, bringing them under the rubric of Breakbeats in a way that crosses Centuries of Musical Grammar. This is funny, Challenging and Hypnotic work.

5. Too Phat | Anak Ayam (Freak To The Beat) 
Malaysia's answer to the Beastie Boys. I heard this in a hair salon in SE Asia and it still works, right from its Homer Simpson Intro to the strains of Traditional Malay Dondang Dance Music to the Run-D.M.C. Rap candy middle.

6. Pictures Of Then | Nowhere Is Somewhere
We opened for these guys in Chicago and I've Loved this Power-Pop song ever since. Listen to the way that Bass rides up and down across the Rhythm Section shifting and the Piano Sections are like Carl Newman at his best.

7. Clare And The Reasons | Photograph
During WWII, the Allies listened to Vera Lynn for songs about Loss and Separation. This track from the Brooklyn band is a perfect, haunting Vera Lynn Ballad down to its aching Violin.

8. Joan Of Arc | When The Parish School Dismisses And The Children Running Sing
If you could make a Pop song version of an austere American Art Film, this is what it would Sound like. Moody and Disturbing like a Todd Field or a Philip Kaufman Movie, this cri de couer is Melancholic and it's from our hometown, Chicago.

9. David Bowie | Cygnet Committee 
If you can't listen to All The Young Dudes anymore, this is it's brilliant Alter Ego. It became part of Space Oddity, but dates back to ‘69. Bowie crafts a 9 minute epic that sprawls and hooks you. Apparently he was trying to do Simon And Garfunkel, so what’s your excuse not to listen?

10. Dar Williams | Family
The Most Poetic Lyric Writing this side of Joni Mitchell and Richard and Linda Thomspon. An epic about Family and Trauma handed down. This is when American Folk packs the force of a Novel. Read a Jane Smiley or an Alice Sebold Novel and then tell me this song isn’t their equal.

SIDE B | by Jon Lewchenko

1. Foo Fighters | My Hero
The Drum Intro to the song has always been one of my favorites to play.

2. Journey | Don't Stop Believen'
The Bell accents that Steve Smith layed into that song are extremely tasteful in my opinion.

3. Incubus | Dig
It's always held a special place in my heart reminding how everyone plays some sort of role in our lives.

4. 38 Special | Hold On Loosely
I can never be in a bad mood after listening to this song.

5. Van Halen | You Really Got Me (The Kinks Cover)
It was the first song I learned on Drums.

6. Cheap Trick | I Want You To Want Me
I think this song has a great Anthem quality to it.

7. Bruno Mars | Treasure
The Bass Line has such a Deep Groove in it.

8. Michael Jackson | Speed Demon
The song has a very Unique Rhythmic Feel to it, and a great example of how talented Michael and his Producers were.

9. Underoath | Writings On The Walls
The Drummer, Aaron Gillespie, has been a huge influence to my Playing and this song exemplifies his Playing well.

10. Fleetwood Mac | Go Your Own Way
The Music and the Lyrics pair so well in their Movement and Meaning.

+11. Blackstreet | No Diggity (feat. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen)
Probably my favorite tune from the 90's.

SIDE C | by Phillip Amererson

1. Indoor Kids | Corner Of The World 
Local Chicago band, friends of mine, who write great Music and Lyrics. The song is about finding your place in this World.

2. A Friend Called Fire | This Grace
Another local Chicago band, friends also. This song talks about losing Grace and laying your heart out there. The Music kills!

3. Del Amitri | It Might As Well Be You
Wow, what a story of Desperation and Trial in this song. Del Amitri may Write the Best Songs Ever, and the Singer's Voice is so Authentic.

4. The Carter Family | Wildwood Flower (Joseph Philbrick Webster's 'I'll Twine 'Mid The Ringlets' Cover)
My uncle taught me to play it on Guitar and its Melody is just Classic, pretty, and reminiscent of my Youth.

5. Aretha Franklin | Amazing Grace (John Newton's Christian Hymn Cover) (Live)
Try not to cry when you hear this played on Guitar, with a Jazzy Progression. Man!

6. Heavy The Fall | Knockout Round
Another local band from Chicago, friends also. Any song of theirs just has Grit, hard Riffs, and Dynamics that bring you High and Low just right.

7. The Allman Brothers Band | Soulshine
One of the Best Guitar Lines, some of the Best Inspirational Lyrics, great Groove, man, this song takes me up and down!

8. Bitterson | Infantile
My band. I don't know where this song came from, but it is my favorite song that we play. So Emotional, then the Chorus just slams and yells at you in the face and begs her to stay...

9. Somastar | I Know Better
Another local Chicago band, friends of mine. The Riff through the song plus Lisa's soaring Voice in a song about knowing better... What a powerful ride. When they played this song Live, you could feel the goosebumps throughout the crowd.

10. Stereophonics | Mr. Writer
Haunting, Gritty, Soaring... Why don't we all tell it like it is?