WARMER MIXTAPES #1003 | by Steven Stubblefield (Idgit, Methadone Actors) and Bryan Robison of Roadside Monuments and Starlings, TN

SIDE A | by Steven Stubblefield

1. The Replacements | Achin’ To Be
Probably no band or Songwriter influenced me more when I first began setting my Poems to Music when I was 15 years old than the Replacements. I went back and forth between this one and Here Comes A Regular. Ultimately, I chose this one because I’ve always Loved the word Ache. It says so much with so few letters. The story in this song is brilliant to me and the way Westerberg flips it for the Final Verse has always gotten me. For many years, Don’t Tell A Soul was my go to record to begin any road trip. I also remember buying this record while visiting NYC during Spring Break of my Junior Year of High School. My older brother was a clown with Ringling Brothers and Barnum And Bailey Circus and they were at Madison Square Garden.

2. Leonard Cohen | Chelsea Hotel #2
Wow, what a song. I could’ve chosen almost any Leonard Cohen song. I chose this one because of its Overt Sexual Context. I have always had a dirty mind and Love how dirty this song is and Sensual at the same time. Considering it was released in 1974, it was so far ahead of its time.

3. Louis Armstrong | What A Wonderful World
Written, Recorded, and Released during the height of the Vietnam conflict, it was probably hard for anyone to imagine a Wonderful World. Although times have changed dramatically since, I have always found this song comforting. The Melody is perfect, the Lyrics are Beautiful, and that Voice. Satchmo has always done it for me and for some reason I listen to him most during the Winter months.

4. Tom Waits | Take It With Me
Well, personally I cannot think of someone with a catalog more loaded than Tom Waits. Just look at all the people who have Covered him over the years. When deciding on which Tom Waits song to choose, I didn’t take very long. I’m a fan of all his stuff. But, my favorite album has always been Mule Variations since its release. To me, at least, it is his most Southern record and the Lyrics in this particular song are Pure Genius. I had the opportunity to see him on the Glitter And Doom Tour in Mobile, AL. When he played this song, I was in tears before the first word was sung.

5. Shovels And Rope | Lay Low 
Speaking of tears, this song does it to me nearly every time. Starlings, TN had the opportunity to share the stage with these guys at the 2012 Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, NC and they literally blew me away. There records are really good. But, seeing them Live is a whole other thing. I just Love the way they make eyes at one another while they are playing. Love is a powerful thing.

6. The Jesus And Mary Chain | Nine Million Rainy Days
It’s Dark, brooding, and just the perfect Soundtrack to a teen filled with Angst. I spent many hours in my bedroom hitting Rewind on the Cassette Deck to this song. I’ve always wanted to record a version of this song and hopefully someday will.

7. The Beatles | And Your Bird Can Sing 
Tell me that you’ve heard every Sound there is is a great line and the Harmonies they are singing are simply Orgasmic. My friend Hideki used to call them the “Sex Notes.” They just somehow grab you in the loin and push you forward. Rubber Soul and Revolver are by far my two favorites by Beatles, perfect brother-sister records. I’ve always found it interesting how the Brits were first to master the Art of Using Compression in Recordings and their West Coast counterparts mastered the Art of Reverb in Recordings. I might also mention that Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys is right up there for me. But, the list is ten and I’m trying to stick to that. So, The Beatles won this one.

8. Hank Williams | Settin’ The Woods On Fire
When thinking about making this list, I first considered all my favorite Writers and then tried to narrow the list of songs by them. I could’ve chosen any number of Hank Williams songs. I settled on this one because of its Upbeat Nature. It’s whimsical, fun, and when I close my eyes I can see the story unfold before me. Hank wrote songs for the everyman and I have always appreciated that about his songs. They are easy to listen to, the Arrangements are beautiful, and the recordings are perfect for their time.

9. American Music Club | Nightwatchman
In my early twenties, Mark Eitzel influenced me greatly. One of my Favorite Records of All Time is him Live Solo in London. I haven’t kept up with him and the band nearly as much as I did two decades ago. There are many great Mark Eitzel songs. I’ve always Loved the Production on Engine and this song is a shining example of it.

10. David Schnaufer | The Way You Move The Air
David was my hero. In a time when every single person had given up on me as a Singer/Songwriter, he was the one and only person that encouraged me. I remember seeing the Light in his eyes when I told him I wanted a Dulcimer and wanted to take lessons from him. I’ll never forget the first time I heard this song either. The next day at the Villager Tavern I asked him about it and he told me. It’s about Margret ______’s ass!... He went on to describe, I was sitting on that bus bench, pointing out the window of the bar to the bench directly across the street. She was heading straight towards me. It was hot. You know, the kinda hot people complain about and they really mean it. I had just finished a beer and had a pretty good buzz. As she walked past, I couldn’t help but stare at her ass. She was wearing this Sun dress and she filled it out perfectly and knew how to shake it. As she passed, the scent of her breeze hit me square in the face and it came in waves. I was entranced and all I could think about was how a speaker moves the air. Just put your hand in front of one playing a Hip Hop song.

Honorable mentions:

+11. The Star-Spangled Banner (The National Anthem Of The United States)
+12. Bruce Springsteen | I’m On Fire
+13. Spiritualized | I Think I’m In Love
+14. Robert Johnson | Preaching Blues (Up Jumped The Devil)
+15. Amazing Grace (John Newton's Christian Hymn)

SIDE B | by Bryan Robison

1. The Rolling Stones | Can't You Hear Me Knocking
I heard once that you're either a Beatles fan or a Stones fan. I Love the Beatles, but I LOVE the Stones - especially the Mick Taylor-era stuff. Keef is one of my Guitar Heroes, but I have to give my #1 song to Taylor. This song is just mean. The Guitars are mean. Mick Jagger's Vocals are mean. Bobby Keys' Sax Solo is mean. Mick Taylor's Guitar Solo is MEAN.

2. Tom Waits | Hoist That Rag
I'm a huge fan of Tom Waits and equally a fan of Marc Ribot. Both men continuously push the Boundaries of Music and I think this song is a prime example of that. Here you've got Waits screaming about River Pirates over Ribot's Cuban Guitar Lines. And that Guitar Solo - it blows my mind every time I hear it.

3. The Band | Up On Cripple Creek
I could write a list of just my top ten favorite songs by the Band and this one would be #1. Levon Helm's Drums and Vocals are just so tight on this song. And that backbeat kills me.

4. R.E.M. | 7 Chinese Bros.
Plus Voice Of Harold version. Two sides of the same coin. I Love the Ascending/Descending Guitar Melody. I sometimes sing the Voice Of Harold version in the shower. A MUST!

5. ZZ Top | Just Got Paid
One of my uncle Jimmy's favorite songs. He took me to my First Real Concert: Robert Plant (Now & Zen Tour, 1988). I was 13 and the people sitting next to us were passing joints around. We didn't inhale.

6. Radiohead | Fake Plastic Trees
Hands down my favorite Radiohead song. There's a Vulnerability in Thom's Voice that makes this song really beautiful. My wife and I had a friend play it as an Instrumental on Classical Guitar at our Wedding Ceremony.

7. Stereolab | Brakhage
Everything I Love about Stereolab - the Lyrics, Laetetia's & Mary's Vocals, the Xylophone - wrapped into one song. I once had a Mac Sound Set that used Sounds from this album for System Sounds. Every time you opened an app the Intro Sound on this song would play.

8. Björk | One Day
I went through a Björk phase in the mid-late 90s. I really like to listen to this song when I'm driving long distances and escape for a bit into the imagery. I think great imagery is part of what makes for a great road trip song. The Beat just keeps going and going. A lot of Björk's early songs are like that.

9. The Allman Brothers Band | Whipping Post
I visited Seattle quite a few times in the early 2000's and almost moved there about 5-6 years ago. On most of my visits, my friend Mike and I would take a road trip somewhere to go Hiking. One trip we listened to only At Filmore East all the way there and back.

10. The Cure | From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
Steven and I went to see the Cure at Texas Stadium on the Wish Tour. I remember the Stadium being washed in Green Light during this song like we were in some Magical Underwater World. It was my first time to see the Cure Live and I'll never forget it.