WARMER MIXTAPES #975 | by Marco Polo [pxlx]

1. Kanye West | I Wonder
Every song tho'... That Kanye song I would drive 'round bumpin', wonderin' to. I'm about sick of hearin' from Kanye haters to the point if you ain't on board, I ain't on board with you - stop messaging me.

2. N*E*R*D | You Know What
THE BASS... Everyone knows Pharrell and his Genius, but this song is particularly special to me. I had a friend who I lost, (R.I.P., John Daniels) and he showed me everythin' I know, we probably played this song more than any other drivin' 'round, smokin' piff and sippin' lean, except not really sippin' 'cause we got in too deep and almost lost everything. Don't do drugs. But then when I lost everything I ended up gainin' everything, so I guess what I'm tryna say is, yea, do drugs.

3. OutKast | She Lives In My Lap (feat. Rosario Dawson)
I had this on CD in Intermediate (for those that don't know, it's the School System between Primary and High School - so I was like 9), back in the day I would stay in bed 'til 10 watchin' cartoons and then skate to the skatepark 'til lunch, then get to School for a minute. I lived in State Housing and had a bunch of ratchet ass friends I'd go skate with instead of goin' to School, 'cause the kids at School thought I was weird - they could do back flips on blades up the half pipe, but I couldn't, so I'd hang back smokin' durries I stole off my mom.

4. Dolly Parton | 9 To 5
My momma would play this to me while in the womb, which is why I never had a job, thanks mom - I'm workin' on yours. Dolly Parton - Brenda Lee - Patsy Cline - this woman has good taste. Don't Sell Your Life To Live. There's Another Way.

5. Miyavi | Hi No Hikari Sae Todokanai Kono Basho De
Couldn't miss Miyavi. When I was 15, just before I officially grew outta High School, I learnt all his songs on Guitar. A Real Inspiration. An icon for doin' what you want, dressin' how you want, a fashionista of worth. Could never suit the hair tho'.

6. Kamandi | Smoke Club
Kamandi is my boy, this track is saying the Unexplainable. This is like a Dali Painting. Art as fuck, but still managing to keep the Pop elements which I have mad respect for. Pop > All. Watch us 2014 - everyone's talkin' 'bout New Zeeland right now and what comes after Lorde, we just sittin' waitin' - as every Artist knows, Timing is Everything.

7. Lapalux | Gutter Glitter
Intricate Masterpiece. Otherworldly. Lapalux in general is a dude who is just really passionate about pushing the boundaries of what DAWS can do, and after finding this guy my ambiance got a whole other galaxy to it.

8. Kreayshawn | Gucci Gucci
On this the first day and defended this girl ever since, if you don't like white girl mob, get the fuck outta my life.

9. The Cardigans | Lovefool
Undeniable Gold, the Verse Chorus switch up works so well for that Candy Pop feel, and I'm a Pop child so you know.

10. Wheatus | Teenage Dirtbag
I used to have this on CD's when they first came out - not when CD's first came out, but like, when they just came out in my household. My mum was solo since my dad ran when I was 2 - and we were poor as fuck, so I was bumpin' cassettes most the time. Gettin this CD was like gettin' into Heaven again.

+11. Riff Raff | Versace Python (Freestyle)
Castles around his heart, tears fallin', when this drops it's Game Over. Riff Raff is that dude, just having fun doing his thing, if you don't like it, change station, bitch.

+12. Huey | Pop, Lock & Drop It
Possibly the Greatest Song Ever Made.

+13. Herbie Hancock | Textures
A Classic from a Legend, Herbie has his own lane. I was heavy into this in the days where I got all Jazzy on the Keys in my bedroom - to this day I still can't get those Synths soundin' rite.

+14. Lil Debbie | Bake A Cake
I wanna cook with this bad bitch so much.

+15. Balam Acab | See Birds (Moon)
I drew a lot of Inspiration from Alex - the Pop Melodies are rich, we're basically related.

+16. Hydrabadd | Sanctuary (feat. Abra) (Druid Cloak Remix)
Real Underrated Track. The use of the Crash Bandicoot TNT Sample really got me experimenting more with Sample Selection.

+17. Kelly Rowland | Work (Freemasons Radio Edit)
This is that type of shit that you gotta move to - or you're cheating yourself.

+18. Nelly Furtando | Do It
That Arppegio is tight as fuck - oh, yo, and Jazz Hands, bruh. The controversy that surrounds it makes it even better - I played it a lot right when I was getting into Sampling, I said it a mill times, but Fuck Copyright.

+19. Lil B | Giving Up
When I'm uninspired, feelin' shitty, this song helps. Lil B is a soulful dude that haters, and some fans even, don't get. I did always understand the jester, tho'. Lames just laugh, I cry Melancholy.