WARMER MIXTAPES #976 | by Brandon Sheer [Sheare]

1. U2 | Where The Streets Have No Name
There’s just something so anthemic about U2, which is exemplified, with this song. Brian Eno’s Synth Intro is incredibly iconic and lends a feeling of Hope as Edge’s Delayed Guitar part blends in. I think listening to this song as well as The Joshua Tree record as a whole has shaped me as an Artist, Production Wise especially.

2. Radiohead | High And Dry
I remember listening The Bends when I was at Camp. My older brother lent me his CD and it was definitely one of the first records that I feel madly in Love with. High And Dry I think influenced me a lot Musically later on. It kind of made it socially acceptable to sing about your emotions because I remember thinking, well if this well respected, scruffy Brit can do it, why can’t I?...

3. Travis | Writing To Reach You
This song is just Simplistic Songwriting at its best.

4. The Beatles | Eleanor Rigby 
This is by far my favorite Beatles song (tied with While My Guitar Gently Weeps). The song bridges the gap between Hitchcock-esque Film Score and Melodic McCartney Genius. Incredible.

5. The Clash | London Calling
I mean… Just Classic. Pure Classic.

6. Bruce Springsteen | Atlantic City
Atlantic City is just Pure Melodic Bliss. I remember listening to this record when I was in the back seat of my parents car growing up. Later seeing Springsteen Live just left this lasting impression of what it means to truly be an incredible Performer/Song Writer.

7. Coldplay | Yellow
I remember I was staying over a friend’s house while my parents were away and having what I could only assume at the time was my first experience with Insomnia, so I decided to turn on the TV. It being 2000, MTV was still playing long block of Music Videos during the night, opposed to now where they likely play some brainless trainwreck of human beings sad life, and I remember seeing/hearing Coldplay’s Yellow for the first time. I remember getting the same enthralled feeling I had the first time I heard Creep by Radiohead or Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit. The song still is just so powerful. Plus Chris Martin looks comically brilliant singing in Slow Motion in the Video.

8. The Perishers | Nothing Like You And I
This is one of the only songs that can make me have a good manly cry. In all seriousness though, it’s an incredibly honest song that portrays the emotion that occurs when two people part ways.

9. Nine Inch Nails | Every Day Is Exactly The Same
The whole With Teeth record is amazing. Trent Reznor is such a brilliant person/Artist. During Hurricane Sandy my neighborhood in lower Manhattan got hit really hard and completely shut down. My building went without power for nearly 3 weeks. I couch surfed during that time and I went back and forth to check on the state of my apartment building. I remember vividly walking around alone after the storm and that song came on my phone and it was this really surreal moment. The song has such a Post Apocalyptic vibe to it.

10. Amy Winehouse | Back To Black
Man, what a talent. This song and record in general is incredible. The Title Track in particular just has such a Dark, Vintage, Classic Tone to it. She was one of those irreplaceably, unique talents.