WARMER MIXTAPES #980 | by Devin Simmons [Devin Miles]

1. Ray Charles | Hallelujah I Love Her So
This song is very important to me for a lot of reasons. When I was about 3 or 4 years old my Dad would always play his old records when I would sit in his office with him while he did work. He always told me I had a Natural Rhythm and I would respond the most when he played Ray Charles. Growing up more, it grew to be my favorite song from him and he is also a major reason why I started to play the Piano at such a young age.

2. The O'Jays | Stairway To Heaven
Stairway To Heaven is important to me and the relationship I have with my father because it was one of my favorite records from one of my favorite groups of the 70's. This song was also one of the first times I had learned how to play the Piano on my own when I was younger. This was special to me because it always was one of my favorite songs and learning to play it gave me a lot of Motivation.

3. Jay-Z | A Week Ago (feat. Too $hort)
This was one of my first introductions to JAY Z, who is currently my favorite Rapper and peaked my interest in Rap and wanting to become an Artist. My brother played JAY Z a lot when I was younger, even when I wasn't supposed to listen to it at a young age because my mother didn't want me to hear the content. My brother played him for me anyone and ever since then my Love for Rap Music grew substantially.

4. Will Smith | Chasing Forever
I don't care what anyone says, I think Will Smith is one of the Illest Rappers To Ever Do It. His albums were also early listens for me and I was more so allowed to listen to them because his Music was more age friendly in my mother's eyes. This song was my favorite off of Big Willie Style and one of my Favorite Rap Records To Be Recorded. Something about the Instrumental on that song gets me everytime too.

5. Jay-Z | Intro (The Dynasty: Roc La Familia)
JAY's Verse in this song is one of my Favorite Verses of All Time and one I continuously recite in my head to this very day. This song also provided a lot of Motivation to myself and my own Rapping. This song set the bar for me and gave me something to aspire to.

6. Eminem | Marshall Mathers
Em has always been one of my favorites in the Music Industry all around. The Marshall Mathers LP was one of my favorite Rap albums I've listened to and this song was my favorite off of it. His effortless delivery and Word Play opened up a whole New Style of Writing and Rap to me that I've never really dived into or experienced. He absolutely killed that song and I could listen to that song to this day and it still will have the same impact.

7. Drake | Goin' In For Life
Me and my homie Zeke were listening to Drake long before he was at the status he is today and back in the day he used to have some of his best Flows. The overall feeling in this song is like a drug to me. It can instantly relax any situation I'm placed in and it's some of the smoothest and cleanly delivered songs to my ear. This song and hearing him as an Artist opened up the gate for more Personal Content to be displayed through my Music. This song also allowed me to take a chance at being open in my Lyrics and gave me a reference point to a certain vibe I've strived to achieve.

8. Mac Miller | Purple
Growing up and going through High School being friends with Mac allowed me to be there and witness the Work and Passion he put into his Music. At a time where I was weary about pursuing this career myself, being close to him and in the Studio with him showed me a Crystal Clear view of what Following Your Dreams and Really Putting Your Heart to Something You Want To Do. I was in his room listening to a bunch of Beats and New Music Recorded and he told me to check out this one record he did. I already Loved the Beat from J Dilla and he did it complete justice. Probably my favorite Mac song to date.

9. Jay-Z | U Don't Know
Not really too much to say about this. It's the Epitome of Raw Flow and Lyrical Capability. This song set the bar for me and something to reach for and refer back to. I still put that song on mixed CDs just to ride to because it's the ultimate boast on record. Not to mention the legendary Just Blaze gave him one of his Best Instrumentals He's Ever Produced.

10. 2Pac | When Thugz Cry
I'm a huge Pac fan. Once my brother turned me onto his Music I felt the Realness and the Passion that was behind every word that he had said. He was a Pioneer and Social Figure that stood for Change and expressed that into his Music which I will respect forever. When I heard this song, I felt as if I were there with him and was explaining everything he's been through to me. It allowed me to not be afraid to come out and be honest with yourself and your emotions. This song's Power and Passion will always be with me.