WARMER MIXTAPES #979 | by Aaron Leroy [Onderwish]

1. James Newton Howard | Flow Like Water (The Last Airbender Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I still can’t thank J.N. Howard enough for this... Piece of Art. So many feelings and emotions attached to this song, it is just indescribable beyond words. This is literally the First Real Song I Ever Listened, and the one that led me to who I am as a person today. This was the first of many chain reactions! There is just a whole Life Story tied to this song. I was introduced to it four years ago when I was only 13 years old while watching a movie entitled The Last Airbender with my little brother. I have to say…I was a pretty sad kid back then, first off, I had really nothing special on my mind… I mean what would you expect from a 13 year old kid at that age, right…? Besides that, I was living through a really Deep Depression tied to Dyslexia and School problems. I was Antisocial, silent you could pretty much say…Inexistent, and as a young kid it felt like I was trapped in a cage, without a keyDay and night, I would come home depressed. I would cry endlessly in my sleep and wake up screaming from awful nightmares. I could never sleep and develop severe Insomnia. One day my mother suggested me to go take some air and walk to the nearby Movie Theater with my little brother to go watch a Movie. I wasn’t down to do so… But my mom forced me too. My brother was sooo hyped to watch The Last Airbender because he followed the whole Cartoon Television Show. You could say he begged me to go and watch it, and so I did. I am so thankful for my mother to have done what she did, because without this film, my friend... I can tell you would have been a whole entire different person today! When I first saw this Film, mannnn… My whole entire life… Shifted at that point. I still can’t find the right word 'til this very day…But at that very moment from: before the Film to after the Film, it was this Drastic Transition from being Negative on a scale of 0/10 to feeling Sublimely Happy on a scale of 15/10. It was just this Magical Stirring of Emotions. First off I had a huge crush with the Actress Nicola Peltz who starred as Katara in the Film. It was this one scene and I remember it like it was yesterday. The whole scene was Magical, I mean... There she was, water bending in such a beautiful form, and there I was... Gazing in awe at her beauty while thisSONGTHIS SONG was Magically playing in the Background. But… It didn’t just play… It spoke to me; I felt this subtle, but… Yet benevolent force in my heart. It was tingling slightly telling me that there was just no reason to be afraid. I froze and blanked out at that very moment. It felt like I was bathing in these Sublime Emotions. These Emotions that I had just freshly discovered, ya know... When the Film finished, I had to sit for 25min in the Theater to even try to comprehend these Emotions. I busted this smile and I finally figured what I wanted to do with my life. Making Films and Composing Music. When I came back home… Dinner was ready, and I told my mother thank you... She didn’t quite know why… But I just said it, I was smiling and my parents were wondering why I was feeling so happy. I told them I wanted to become a Movie Director and Composer. My parents were astonished but laughing. They were happy to see their son having a brief idea of his Future Profession. I came back to my room and I typed reviews of the Film, I was quite devastated to see the bad reviews tied to the movie. I usually pay a lot of attention to Technical Aspects in Films, but I did not care as I was too caught up in these Emotions I had met. First off, I immediately searched the Actress; I had to know more about her…I saw interviews of her talking and as a 13 year old boy I found her to be the perfect girl for me, she made me Dream. I gazed at her in awe and this… Tingling came backThe same feeling that spoke to me; it was much greater then Love. I remembered the Music and I immediately stepped forward and tried finding it. It took me 2 hours to find the Music that was tied to the scene, but I did it. The song was called Flow Like Water by James Newton Howard. And my friend… After that day I think my Life genuinely changed. I asked my father to buy me an mp3 Player, and so I got it! It was a freakishly small 1GB Zen Player. That was 3 days before my family trip to my home country in Malaysia. I was so happy that I bought the song on iTunes along with the entire album tied to the Film. Flow Like Water was the very first song I ever put on my mp3 Player. The following days before the trip I went on a Music spree and added as many songs as I could find, didn’t quite care what kind of songs they were, but I added them for the sake of hearing New Music on the airplane. With Flow Like Water on repeat every day and new songs to keep me company, there I was... Embarking on my first adventure.

Just let your Imagination Flow Like Water...

2. Trust Company | War Is Over
Suggested by my father, I had downloaded their full album prior to my trip to Malaysia. The whole entire album still gives me chills when I listened to it today. I remember the first time I listened to War Is Over on the plane. I remember promising myself to not listen to the new songs until the plane took off. When I opened the plane window, I played the first song on the album. I was immediately caught up in this Masterpiece. Such a Classic song by the band gave me the Power and Will to Strive Forward in my Life. That is exactly what I did.

The War is over.
The Rain is falling.
And all that's left has blown away...
Your eyes are haunted.
By what you wanted.
I surrender (I surrender)...
The War is over

3. Thomas Newman | That Next Place (Meet Joe Black Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This song describes my Childhood entirely. I also downloaded this one before my trip. This song gives me feelings of Nostalgia and Happiness whenever I hear it. I remember the time when I actually arrived to my aunt’s apartment in Kuala Lumpur where I stayed in Malaysia. At night a round window by the upper corner of my room would emit this Moonlit Light that would bounce off the closet mirror and light the entire room in a beautiful shade of Light Blue. I would close my eyes and bask in this Light while this song would play in the background. I don’t think I will have a more Magical Night than that one day. I couldn’t have felt any happier; I would cry when the song hit the middle part at around 5:50. I imagine a Love Story between two kids in a vast wheat field by a pleasant ranch in an Imaginary World. This song covers what I think was one of the Most Magical Experiences in my Life. My Imagination would Flow Like Water every time I heard this song, and still does! It really just shows my friends: Enjoy the Little Things Because They Will Eventually Blossom Into Bigger Ones!

JUST Keep On Dreaming, Keep On Striving!

4. Trust Company | The Fear
When I came back home from my trip, I felt like a different person. But when School started again, I was confronted by the same scenario, but this time I was aware and knew how to vanquish Depression. This song really supported me throughout the entire process. One of my Favorite Rock Songs of All Times.

Lead me from the Fear
And I won't leave you here.
There's a way out!
There's a way out!
There's a way from here... Believe!

5. Blackmill | Rain
The one song that marked the end of my Depression, after that I was completely done. I was in a whole new Entire Realm and soon all the Negativity vanished in thin air. This song by Blackmill was the Cure to my Depression, and from that time on I started to value Life. It also introduced me to the entire Chilled Out Electronic genre. Which also led me to start Composing Music in the first place.

Just let the Rain cleanse you from the Pain...

6. Bulb | Mental Universe
In this new realm of Positivity, I started to discover New Music, this song by Bulb is a Masterpiece of Our Century. It was one of the few ones that really stroked me. The entire song sets you straight off 500 years in the Future, in some sort of Steampunk Era. I would imagine myself leaning on the edge of a really tall building, with my Aviator glasses and a brown cape, overlooking a Futuristic New York City. The Sun is piercing through the polluted clouds, and this makes me feel somehow bad about the World, but at the same time I just can’t help but bask in the faint Sun and enjoy this moment, sometimes you just have to absorb Reality and move on to something greater in Life. This song really puts you in a Deep Thinking state. Man… Existence is just mind bobbling sometimes, I just feel this Warmness with Earth every time I listen to this song.

There is more to Reality than meets a normal eye. Behind the curtain of everyday Consciousness is hidden another unutterably strange Universe... 

7. Mt. Eden | Silence
My Favorite Dubstep Song of All Times, the Vocals just hit right in the sweet spot. I remember a period when I must of had replayed this song over and over again for a period of 2 weeks. There is just something so deep about the Vocals. I think it was because it made me remember of my past Depression, and how I had come so far out, this was 2 years after my trip to Malaysia. I would imagine a young girl having to miss her father, an astronaut. And there she is gazing out of her window at night singing the Lyrics... In this Silence, I am sinking, in this Silence... While her father is gazing down of the Space Station. They both miss each other so much and so the bond that I created through this story made me Love this song even more. This is truly a gem, and definitely a Classic Dubstep track.

In this Silence, I am sinking, in this Silence...

8. Boy Kid Cloud | Gone
OK, there is just something with the Lyrics that just touch me in this one. I always seem to come back to this song. They are not the most attractive Vocals, but it’s just one of those songs that touch you because it corresponds exactly to what you are living in the present. I get completely emotional when I sing along to these Vocals. Not in a sad way, nor in a happy way. It’s just that feeling of missing someone, it hits right in the heart. This song touches me in the most simplest way. God… Man, and when the Piano fades out at the end. Can’t help but gaze up in the Sky like it’s that moment of Glory scene when your wanting to see someone you love so badly you shed a single tear.

You’re not in the same place now, does that mean you’re gone away?... I don’t want to hesitate. Or am I?... Exaggerating... Or have I... Waited too long?... I can’t see where you’re coming from...

9. M.Craft | Dragonfly (Memro Remix)
I sit listening to this song and it just takes me to a complete different realm. A major part of Music’s goal is to touch the Soul of the Individual. This does exactly that and so much more. It’s definitely not a feeling of Happiness when I listen to this, but a feeling of Warmness and Comfort. A lot of songs touch me in that same way, but this one is just one those exceptions. It’s the type of song I'd listen on a Cold Winter Day in a log cabin in front of a fireplace with a fur blanket after a hot cup of hot chocolate while reflecting on the good moments of the Past.

I can see it all tonight, underneath a perfect Sky. 
Where the Universe revolves around the pupil of an eye.
And Infinities stretch out from Infinities within.
And I'm a part of Everything, I'm a part of Everything.

10. Cherokee | Take Care Of You
VERY recently. One track that got me into making Summer Oriented Music. I got this sudden Love and Inspiration for places such as California and Hawaii when I first listened to this song. If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t have had gained the necessary inspiration I needed to make my first album: Summertime Vibe. This is the Single Most Casual and Chill Song I Have Probably Ever Heard in My Life. I still Compose this kind of Music to this day!