WARMER MIXTAPES #993 | by Ben Fletcher [Giant Decade]

1. Nick Drake | Northern Sky
Every time I hear those first Chords combined with the Organ, and then Nick’s Opening Vocal Line, I’m reminded of my girlfriend. It’s cheesy as hell, but this is our song.

2. Jon Brion | Phone Call (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I Love the Guitar Loop in this, what a great Movie also. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played this track. I think of Time passing in a busy City when I hear it.

3. Somepling | Forbidden Light
Olivier Rousseaux, aka Somepling, is creating some of the Most Interesting Instrumental Hip Hop at the Moment. Forbidden Light is a really Colourful track. I hope to take my Music down a more Electronic route in the Future, keeping the Natural feel provided by Acoustic Instruments & Samples. This is really Inspiring to me as a Musician.

4. Sun Kil Moon | Moorestown
Amazing Guitarist, incredibly Poetic Lyrics, beautiful songs. Mark Kozelek is one of a kind. I was lucky enough to catch him at London’s Union Chapel last year. A Real Genuine Personality. His Music is Haunting, and seems like it's full of old memories.

5. Miles Davis | Blue In Green (with Bill Evans)
One of the Smoothest & Classiest Pieces of Music, such an immense line up of Musicians playing on it as well. If only I could've been alive to see them play in a bar somewhere in New York.

6. Bonobo

 | The Plug
Bonobo’s earlier stuff is so rough and raw, all the Samples and Instruments in this tune just seem to melt into each other. There’s this Piano Clip that happens after just about a minute, which reminds me of Water flowing.
 When I hear this track I think of this holiday in Spain. I had some earbuds in whilst walking across a beach in boiling hot weather listening to this. Great stuff.

7. Valley Maker | By My Side (Everlasting Life)
Easily one of the Best Artists I’ve Randomly Stumbled Upon On Bandcamp. There’s some Exceptionally Brilliant Independent Music on that website. 
This track has such an Earthy/Natural Sounding Guitar part and amazing Vocal Melodies.

8. Four Tet | Hands
Similar to Somepling’s track Forbidden Light, this track is full of a billion Colours.
There’s so much going on in this, that it's hard to imagine how it works if you to try to describe it. The Random Drum Samples placed here and there and all the other Noises going in the Background, eventually bring about this really nice, simple and Natural Beat with a great messed up Piano line over the top. Kieran Hebden is a great Producer.

9. Atoms For Peace | Stuck Together Pieces
The part that really catches my attention in this track is the Bass Line. I couldn’t imagine anyone other than Flea jamming this out. It’s amazingly Funky. AFP have a really Unique Style going on.

10. S. Carey | Move
I really like the environments that Sean Carey creates in his Music. This is the 1st track, from his Debut Solo release - All We Grow. The thing I like about it is that it’s so soothing, and is not overly Produced. The Guitar Line just Sounds like someone sat on their bed playing the first thing that came to mind, not forgetting that the Vocals, along with all the Overdubs in the Background, are just beautiful. S. Carey is one of my favourite Musicians, I’m really looking forward to his new album coming this Spring!