WARMER MIXTAPES #994 | by Bernard Parsons [Shrine/Glutton] of Super Sargasso

1. The Goslings | Haruspex
Massive Tonic Bass and Slow Lumbering Drums, a woman's Voice high and falling, buried in the Most Distortion I've Ever Heard. Triumphant Love. It makes me feel like everything will be forgiven.

2. Fridge | Cut Up Piano And Xylophone
Tight, Magnetic Interplay of Piano and Xylophone. My cousin said I hate this shit, but I bet it would make my plants grow great. Wonder which of the pants in him are dead. Music for a cool, working head.

3. Boredoms | Super Going
I'm convinced eYe and the rest of Boredoms are Qi Gong Masters. Music always brings me Joy, but this song, in their Set, is redemptive, it sounds like it was written not by the performers but the Tao between them.

4. The Mountain Goats | Shadow Song
This is a song for Love that might never happen, Love that failed, a Mortal song, simple Lyrics, simple Guitar, perfect Sentiment. Even now I fear the longing it puts in my heart. I used to put this on to calm down a friend after Baboon, another song on that album, rev'd him up. It's a song for driving in West Virginia.

5. Sea Ray | Stray Dog's Got It Made
A little known New York Rock Band with a Cello Player, this is a song of blissful about giving up, abandoning dreams, of running away, I'm not sure I could be the Singer, but sometimes I want to be.

6. Clams Casino | I'm God
This song relates to a time when I was in Los Angeles, using my heart energy and telling people You Are God, Mysticism in the streets, Compassion, Bliss. It's Smooth, Beautiful, Green, Pink and Sky Blue.

7. OM | Haqq Al-Yaqin 
Mystic Metal Band, great Lyrics, Cello Riffing, Heavy. Was in Myrtle Beach and a friend in Oklahoma, as we listened to this, he says to me A pillar of Light has come between my heart and head, and I said Yes, for me also. There were a lot of events leading up to this Telepathy, but this song is what it brought it all together. Holy, Holy Hell maybe.

8. The Ruins Of Beverast | Arkane Pharmakon Messiah
I Love the Title of this song. For years I've meditated and gone through Hell, trying to become a Master of Healing, this song is one that I end up standing quietly nodding my head to, thinking my Time will come.

9. Pan Sonic | Telakoe
One Kick, Effects, Repetition. The Simplest, Most Effective Track I've Ever Heard. Along with Strumming Music by Charlemagne Palestine this track sets an example of how Minimalism instead of being about Forcing a Listener to Beg for Change can hold steady Interesting Difference, a True Challenge Defeated.

10. Swans | A Screw
A song about Malevolent Desire, blasting Drums, awful, frightening Lyrics, a friend told me it's the only Music to ever scare him. It scares me too. Recently I've been able to feel Music through my body in new ways. When the Bass hits and drops in this, it feels like the part of my heart concerned with the mother, with my own inner child, with children, is destroyed, smothered underground, I will feel with Desire and then Disgust. A must listen, but not too much.