WARMER MIXTAPES #995 | by Myles James [Wondilla/Alex Ruby]

1. Metro Zu | Wave Cap (feat. Jarret and Denzel Aquarius Killa Curry)
I Love Wave Cap because it's different. I like the blend of Singing and Rapping.

2. Chris Travis | Tokyo (Wet Like My Bitches) 
I Love this song due to the Beat, it's outta here!

3. Juicy J | Stoner's Night
I Love the David Ruffin Sample and Juicy J's Flow.

4. SPEAK! | Bangarang (Diddy Dance)
The crazy Electro Beat goes well with SPEAK!'s Wordplay.

5. SpaceGhostPurrp | Take Dat Dick
The Tropical Sounding Beat is a great marriage with SGP's Foul Language.

6. Shaggy | It Wasn't Me (feat. Ricardo "RikRok" Ducent)
This song is a Classic. The Singing of RikRok does it for me.

7. Eyedress | Everyday Is Like Sunday
The Instrumental is so Smooth. And the Guitar floating under is Legendary.

8. The Diplomats | I'm Ready
The Sample and the Classic New York Rap is Nostalgic.

9. Lil B | Bitch Mob Anthem
Lil B's homage to Tommy Wright III is catchy here.

10. Charles Hamilton | Arcade Sparks
I Love this song as a whole. CH is my fav Rapper. Arcade Sparks as a Concept means a lot to me, and it's actually the name of my upcoming Debut Mixtape.

+11. Craig David | Fill Me In
This song speaks to me because it sums up 90's R&B as a whole, lowkey. Easily one of my Most Favorite Songs Ever. Extremely mellow and catchy.

+12. Erykah Badu | In Love With You (feat. Stephen Marley)
I think this is the first Badu song I can remember being played in my house by my moms, which is what kind of formed my appreciation for Erykah Badu as I got older, another mellow song that you can blaze to with a shorty beside you. 

+13. Daryl Hall & John Oates | I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
The buildup of this song and how heavenly each Instrument compliments each other, and the fact that every Instrument is Live, even the most subtle of Sounds all come together and form the Most Cohesive Love Techno Ballad. Def a favorite, 80's songs are def my favorite to listen/Sample.

+14. Fergie | Clumsy
I don't care what anybody says, this gotta be one of the Realest Songs of All Time. It comes with no explanation, Will.I.Am on the boards, so you know it was official.

+15. Childish Gambino | The Worst Guys (feat. Chance The Rapper)
I never cared for Childish Gambino until Because The Internet dropped, and although the whole project was dope, this song stood out to me. It was like Minimalism on Heroin. The second half of the song is my favorite though, automatically thought of Prince in the 80's with that Guitar Solo with the Minnesota-esque Sound.

+16. Gucci Mane | Have It All (feat. Pharrell)
I remember hearing this song on the DJ StankDaddy Summer Mix, I'm not sure if this was during or after the OF hype. Pharrell created one of the Most Harmonious Piano Melodies in History, and the incoherent Gucci Mane still floats on this wavy Instrumental.

+17. John Legend | Save Room
I think this was the first R&B song I ever openly admitted to liking because at the time this came out you was only supposed to like Rap and Rap Music only as a male. (Crazy, right?) I used to listen to this song on VH1 all the time years ago, and the message of the song always resonated with me, and besides, it's John Legend!

+18. Lily Allen | Smile
This is one of the songs that used to wake me up because my TV was always on MTV in the morning (back when they actually played Music Videos) and it was hella Loud. I'm not sure if it was from Repetition or not, but the song was always catchy to me.

+19. Slick Rick | Mistakes Of A Woman In Love With Other Men
Anybody that truly knows me knows that Slick Rick is my Favorite Rapper of All Time, he was the Most Player Rapper Out, but never shied away from Rapping about heartbreak, which was cool to me. Bonus being that I was the only Black/British person I knew, so to see somebody just like me make Music like that was dope.