WARMER MIXTAPES #1005 | by Timothy Kalil [Flauridia]

1. Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno | An Ending (Ascent) 
There's something about Ambient Music that's so nostalgic to me. This is the kind of song that you could play in the darkest of times and completely forget about all the bad things that happened during that day. It's like a cleansing tool for the Mind, essentially. This piece by Brian Eno is 31 years old but it feels just 5 years old.

2. Toro Y Moi | Blessa 
My fondest memory of this tune was when my Family and I drove up North to visit Colleges and I played the album this came off of, Causers Of This, about six times straight. I think I could have probably played it another ten times, but we arrived at one of the Colleges just before I was about to put it on for a seventh time.

3. The Streets | Dry Your Eyes 
If there's one thing in Life that really does suck, it's Breakups. My friend sent me this song when I was going through one and I doubt I'll ever forget the catchy Spoken and Rhymed Verse by The Streets' Frontman, Mike Skinner. Truly Memorable.

4. Teen Daze | Ice On The Windowsill 
The first time I heard this song, I think I had to play it about 10 more times to take in all the Emotions from it. Teen Daze takes what you know about Ambient/Atmospheric Music and kicks it up a notch by adding smooth Beats and Vocals that Sound like they came from another World.

5. Washed Out | A Dedication 
Like Toro Y Moi's Causers Of This album, Washed Out's Within And Without album was one of those albums that I seemed to constantly have on repeat, and the way this song rounded off the album for me was Simply Perfect.

6. Stumbleine | Cassette 
If Love was a Genre, Stumbleine's Music would fit the bill without a question. The Sampled Vocals on this song are indescribably Perfect and the song as a whole takes you to a whole new level of Bliss. I remember sitting on a Beach in the Western part of Florida just watching the Waves and playing this song over and over until the Sun went down.

7. R. Kelly | Sex Planet 
Probably one of the Most Underrated Slow Dance Songs of the 21st Century, this tune takes you on a trip from wherever you are at the time to the Dance Floor. It's almost impossible to avoid nodding your head to this song and getting into the Groove.

8. Mister Lies | Cleam
It's hard to describe a song like this because of how Different it actually is from other kinds of Electronic Music. Cleam takes your Imagination to a Different Place and really makes you think about what's out there in the World. It's almost like a Spiritual track of some kind, that's for sure.

9. Sorrow | My Love 
UK Producer Sorrow mixes Soundtrack-like Pads and Synths with Powerful Beats that almost make you wonder if he crafted a new Genre out of nowhere. I first heard this track after a depressing day of School and it was basically impossible to stop playing it once I started. I completely forgot all that happened that day literally one minute into the song.

10. Gang Starr | Moment Of Truth 
A Classic Hip-Hop song (and album) by duo Gang Starr. Growing up, I realized how common it was nowadays for people to be lazy and not work hard at something, and this track inspired me to go out and show people what Passion and Dedication could truly do.