WARMER MIXTAPES #1013 | by Sian King [BON-BON]

1. Beach House | Norway
It was difficult to chose between this track and Walk In The Park. Apart from being totally in Love with Victoria Legrand, I'm obsessed with the Production. The combination of the Instrumentation and her Vocals, which are so Rich and Effortless, demonstrates how much you can convey with a beautiful Melody without having to Over-Sing unnecessarily.

2. Cast | Sandstorm
My Dad Loved Cast and in the 90s I just remember him playing them to me all the time. This song in particular stuck in my head. It's so ridiculously Repetitive and Simple with the Verse and Chorus being pretty much the same, I think it's really clever. The pace of the Lyrics is so cool. Plus I used to imagine myself being in a band just like them, wanting to Rock Out on Guitar!

3. The Cardigans | Erase/Rewind
This song still gives me goose bumps every time I hear it, without fail. That Riff and steady Beat is so sexy - it literally doesn't need to do anything else, it's just an amazing track.

4. Grizzly Bear | Two Weeks
I think in a Past Life I played Drums - when I heard this track I became totally obsessed with the Percussive feel of the Beat. It creates the most amazing Dynamic against such an Emotive record. The Vocal is the icing on the cake - I would happily listen to this just as an Instrumental too.

5. Little Dragon | Twice
Maybe it's the Simplicity of the Production, maybe it's the Vocal of Yukimi Nagano. I had this on repeat all day every day for about 2 weeks. I'm just sorry I didn't discover it sooner. Her Melody together with the sporadic Bass Line creates so much Atmosphere. It's kinda eerie and at the same time incredibly Beautiful.

6. Bat For Lashes | Horse And I
It was hard to pick a track of Natasha Khan's as I Love pretty much everything she creates. I particularly like this track as it demonstrates just how Fantastic she is at creating Atmosphere and Dynamic mixed with Genius Hooks.

7. The B-52's | Love Shack
This is my earliest Musical Memory, which is worrying and also hilarious. It is such a Classic and the pre-Chorus is Absolutely Sensational. I Love the Structure and the Vibe. I used to take it in turns to do the different Harmonies with my sister. Fun times.

8. Run-D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins | It's Like That
It was 1998 and my Mum was watching MTV. This was being played continuously and she had it up so loud at like 1 in the morning. It's infectious and brings back good memories of her dancing around the Living Room and us trying to remember the Rap.

9. Kelis | Flash Back
My Boyfriend gave the album to me when it came out and I just had it On Repeat Forever. There is so much Colour in this album, it makes me smile inside everytime I hear it, especially this song. The Lyrics are too cool.

10. Phoenix | 1901
This song also makes me want to be a Drummer. I saw them Live at Glastonbury 2013 when I was there to play my little set and they blew me away. Their Live Performances are so Energetic. The Hooks in this tracks are awesome and this song, to me, is the Perfect Sing-A-Long Summer Song, Wind In Your Hair, Head Banger.