WARMER MIXTAPES #1012 | by Fabrizio Mastrangelo [SFTCRD]

I was born in Taranto, Italy, on December of '91. My first and only project is called SFTCRD (Soft Chord), but I began my studies in French Horn and Solfeggio in 2000 at the Music Academy Giovanni Paisiello from Taranto.

1. Röyksopp | Eple
This track is one of my favorites. It has an Elaborate Construction and represents to me the Almost Perfection in Electronic Music/New Age.

2. Jon Hopkins | Elagic
Listen. It sends a feeling of Total Relaxation. It's a very beautiful song created by a Master of Electronic Music.

3. Jon Hopkins | Open Eye Signal
I like the Linearity of the song. Has a Concentrate of Emotions and inevitably sends a Sense of Rhythm. Great track.

4. Moderat | Versions
It comes from the new album as a collaboration between Apparat and Modeselektor. I Love their CD's, they are Unique and Inimitable in their Genre. I recommend them.

5. Bonobo | Days To Come (feat. Bajka)
For me it is difficult to list preferences between songs of Bonobo. I Love them all. This in particular for the Complexity of Structuring and to the Voice of Bajka, Perfect.

6. Bonobo | Kiara
Listening to this makes you travel with your mind. Track is absolutely Perfect as all the rest of the CD. I Love its kind.

7. Boards Of Canada | Roygbiv
Simple and Innovative. Unique in its kind, sends a Sense of Peace. For a track of only 2:30 minutes... It's Not Simple.

8. Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble | Coyote Dance
This is the first track of one of the First CDs That I Listened To When I Was A Child. The whole album is Unique. If you do not know it, I recommend it.

9. Emerson, Lake & Palmer | From The Beginning
They have created a Genre of Music That Has No Rival. They are the Masters. The track is from the Trilogy album. A Set of Emotions.

10. Mike Oldfield | Tubular Bells (Part One)
For me he is the Greatest Genius of Progressive Music. He has No Rival. On the album most of the Instruments are played by him. He is a Multi-Instrumentalist.