WARMER MIXTAPES #1017 | by Truly Ford

1. Tracy Chapman | Fast Car
This beautiful song is so Soulful and Real. The Lyrics are so Deep and full of Hope. This song definitely dominated my Young Childhood as my Mum had a Love for Chapman. It always makes me stop and listen whenever I hear it with her Soulful Vocal and that Melancholy Guitar Riff.

2. Lana Del Rey | Blue Jeans
Lana Del Rey has such an Elegant Drama to her. Her songs are so Simple but Intense at the same time. I am drawn to Blue Jeans because of the Lyrics and the cool Electric Guitar. If you ever get the pleasure of seeing the Music Video to this track you’ll experience the great Visual she adds to such a great song.

3. Etta James | I’d Rather Go Blind 
Etta James is so Soulful and Powerful. I Love how she plays around with the Melody and just has Strength in her Voice. Her Music is so Feel Good and easy to listen to.

4. Laura Marling | Rambling Man 
This song is beautifully crafted with such a simple Guitar Sequence and such Soft, Wise Voice. It's Raw and Honest, you feel right there with her and what she's feeling. I also Love the second, harmonising Voice on occasional lines, that has inspired me with my own Songwriting.

5. Florence + The Machine | Dog Days Are Over 
Florence Welch is one of my Top Favourite Vocalists by far. Her Voice has such an effect on me I could happily listen her tracks all day and night. I chose this track as my favourite due to it being the first Florence song I heard and that moment my obsession began. Their songs are Brilliant, Strong, Melodic, Creative, Captivating and Enchanting.

6. Jack White | Fly Farm Blues
Jack White is just... No Words. He is able to Write an endless amount of Incredible Songs. They're all heavily influenced by Blues and Rock. He has lead many great bands such as The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather. It's amazing how he can create different Sounds with each band, but also be Signature Jack White.

7. Mumford & Sons | Awake My Soul 
Awake My Soul is a title that says what it does... It Awakes Your Soul. Like all Mumford & Sons songs, it speaks to you with Layers of Harmonies, Lyrical Words and masses of great Instruments, it was hard to pick one out. What I Love about this particular track is how it builds from the Guitar and Vocal to the full band towards the end. The Drum picks up, the Bass is there, the Harmonies come alive, it's a work of Art.

8. Van Morrison | Brown Eyed Girl
Van Morrison is so incredibly Talented, he has an Effortless Blues, Folk Sound and can play so many different Instruments. Brown Eyed Girl is a song that I heard a lot growing up due to my parents listening to it, so naturally I Love it. He has many great tracks, but this particular one is my favourite.

9. Ben Howard | Only Love 
Ben Howard seemed to come into my Life when I was in a really good place, so his songs remind me of a Happy Feeling. This particular track is a favourite of mine because of the meaning of the Lyrics. If you listen to it, it's quite Repetitive. Ben expresses so much with such little Words. He's also a great Guitarist so knows how to Write a Great Song. Another song of his that I Love a lot too is The Fear.

10. Otis Redding | (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
Firstly I Love, Love, Love his Voice, so Effortless and Soulful. I've listened to this man a lot growing up; the way he pronounces some Words is quite interesting. I remember my Dad always singing this song and trying to whistle the ending.