WARMER MIXTAPES #1018 | by Ryan Morgan

1. Ginuwine | Pony
I Love this Classic! One of my Favourite All-Rounders with Timbaland’s Ingenious Production paired with Ginuwine’s Epic Vocals. I remember hearing this for the first time and being hit by that deep Bass Vocal Sample running from Start to Finish. I still enjoy seeing its effects in the Club, with everyone instantly grinding and getting nasty to this Jam!

2. Whitney Houston | I Have Nothing (The Bodyguard Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This would be the one track I’d take to Heaven with me. The song itself is great, but most of all I enjoy Whitney’s Performance and have always felt like Something Rare was captured with this record.

3. Tevin Campbell | Can We Talk
I Love how this Song tells a Story, it makes me reminisce of my Childhood and with Campbell’s Range, Tone and Talent, this is possibly the Best Male R&B Vocal I Have Heard!

4. Ne-Yo | Closer
One of my favourite records from Ne-Yo. I Love the Sad, Dark, Eerie Feel and ironically it makes me Happy every time I listen to it. Brings me back to the Excitement and Uncertainty I felt before my move to London along with the awakening of a New Direction/Possibility for the R&B Genre. For me this is the song that shifted R&B towards where it is today. I like just about every element of this track, I relate to the simple Lyrics about Addiction and enjoy the Melody and uplift during the Chorus, the Funky Production, but somehow I notice the Chord Progression of the Electric Keyboard every time, especially before that Chorus hits.

5. Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta | Sweat (Remix)
One of my Favourite Dance Songs. I enjoy the unlikely pairing with Snoop’s Laid Back Vocals and Guetta’s Energetic Production, and those simple Lyrics that gets me chanting in the Clubs along with everyone else.

6. P. Diddy & Ginuwine | I Need A Girl (Part Two) (feat. Loon, Mario Winans & Tammy Ruggeri)
Every time I hear this track it reminds me of my High School days, cruising around in my mate’s 180 and playing this Jam On Repeat. Great Hook, great Vocals.

7. Afrojack | Take Over Control (feat. Eva Simons)
Reminds me of my time spent in Europe, the Sun, the Beach, and I remember hearing this on every Party Yacht, Beach Bar and Club. I Love how the Production is key to this record with the Lead Synth taking control during the Chorus, and shifting the highlight of the song from the Vocals to the Production.

8. Michael Jackson | Rock With You
A great, simple and Funky Classic. Love how the Video revolved solely around Michael and I remember as a child noticing how great his Movement was and began to simulate it.

9. Aaliyah | 4 Page Letter
The Dark and Mysterious Feel of this one takes me somewhere else and I Love Aaliyah’s Sweet Seductive Tones, makes me Euphoric! I also remember this as the first time I saw a Boy/Girl Dance Choreography in a Music Video, something I’m looking forward to incorporating in my own Videos.

10. Groove Theory | Tell Me
A Feel Good track and one of the first songs I remember Jamming Along To with my Sister. Great Chord Progression with a killer Bassline. As kids we’d sing to this and compete to see who could hit those High Notes at the end!