WARMER MIXTAPES #1020 | by Michael Schwebler [Greyhat]

These are some songs that impacted me as a Kid/Young Adult...

1. Nujabes | Feather (feat. Akin, Cise Starr)
The first time I heard this song I was in a car with my friends waiting in the Parking Lot of an empty Movie Theater. We had become good friends with this foreign exchange student from Turkey, and he had been introducing us to a lot of Good Music since we started hanging out. He played us this song in the car, and I was so into it. That Yusef Lateef Sample is still one of the Best Samples in Hip-Hop for me. The song just progresses so well, and then it’s over and you’re just sad so you play it again and again.

2. Basement Jaxx | Romeo
I’m pretty sure Rooty was the first album I purchased by myself from the Music Store in my town. The Cover Art for that album just makes me so Happy, I dunno why. Romeo is such a powerful track tho'. As a 10-year-old kid, that track made me feel Emotions I Had Never Felt From Music Before. That let it all go line does me in every time.

3. Modeselektor | Edgar
My Turkish friend was also responsible for showing me these guys in High School. I was used to hearing a lot of French House stuff from this kid, which I was really into. But this song showed me that there was other stuff going on in the Electronic Scene. I wasn’t aware of this kind of Music at that point. I’m a fan of these guys forever because of the whole Happy Birthday! album tho'.

4. Clammbon By Nujabes | Imaginary Folklore
I Love the Original Version of this song by Clammbon, but Nujabes just came in and made it more beautiful. The Drums, the Flutes at the beginning, the Echoed Piano that comes in and out. I get a bit sad every time I hear this song. Mainly because I wish Jun was still around and Making Music. To me, he’s one of those Untouchables like Dilla. It’s just such a fuckin' Tragedy. But anyway...

5. Fine Young Cannibals | She Drives Me Crazy
My Mom used to play this song when my brother and I were kids. Apparently, when my brother was a young kid, they’d play it for him and he’d try to sing along, and he’d end up with She drives me crazy... Like no one, na-na. So I guess they kept playing it over the years because they thought it was funny to listen to my brother sing it. So it stuck with our family. I’m glad it lasted all the way till I was born, because I Love it. The Melody in the Verse is so good. And the way Roland Gift just kind of whispered it was so cool. I wanted to be like that guy when I was young.

6. Bonobo | Ketto
This song has so much fuckin' Swag, and no one can ever argue otherwise. It’s Classy Swag tho', so you can totally bump it at a party filled with people in suits, and they’ll all feel what you're putting down and want to be your friend. But for real, that HiHat. And the whole change-up halfway through the song is great. Pretty sure my Turkish friend showed me Bonobo too (thanks).

7. Jeff Buckley | Lilac Wine (Hope Foye Cover)
Not much needs to be said about this song, or Jeff Buckley in general. His Music is that kind of thing that you just put on and listen to straight through because it’s just so undeniably good that you can’t ignore it. He was so in your face with Emotion that you couldn’t run away from it. But, yeah, the part at the end of this song where it’s all tying up and he gives that last feel unready for my Love. So good. He’s another one of those Untouchables for me. I wish he was still around too.

8. James Taylor | The Frozen Man
This album came out the year I was born, so I have a lot of faint memories of hearing it when I was a young, young kid. I Love this song tho' because it kind of scared me. One day I finally listened to the Lyrics and understood what it was about. The whole idea of masking this Heart-Wrenching Story in a gorgeous song just shook me. Fuck, I’m reading the Lyrics again and just getting sad.

9. Flying Lotus | RobertaFlack
Easily my favorite track from Los Angeles. This was my first exposure to Beat Music, if we’re calling it that. It combines so many Styles. The Vocals are so good, but the Drums are obviously Amazing. I heard this and just wanted to make Cool Music like these cool guys over in L.A.

10. Sufjan Stevens | To Be Alone With You
My Brother was big into Sufjan when he was in High School; I'm 4 years younger than him. This song was on some Mixtape he had in his car or something, and I never knew what it was when we listened to it. Then when I was in High School, I somehow came upon Sufjan’s other stuff, and came back to this song. I was so glad I found it again. It reminds me so much of going on car rides with my brother. I still think of that when I hear it.

+11. Burial | Endorphin
I hear this song and I just want to cry. I put it on in the car and it kind of takes me to another place, and when I come back, I’ve forgotten where I’m driving. All that matters is the brief moment I have to be close to this song. Also, is it bad that a lot of these songs are on here because they make me want to cry? I don’t think so.