WARMER MIXTAPES #1019 | by Owen Howells

1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | Into My Arms
I was chatting with a friend about good Opening Lines and this one has to take the prize, no doubt I'm the millionth person to think that, but it's Glorious anyway.

2. Eric Johnston | Tied To The Floor
I got this record and played it lots when it came out and I've started playing it again recently. I dunno, I just really like it and it seems to have a nice effect on the Atmosphere if played at the right time. Lately, without sounding too weird, I'm definitely drawn to records that bring out a Child like Freedom Attitude in people.

3. KW | Detroit To London
Just one of my Favourite Tracks, I Love it.

4. Robert Wyatt | Pigs... (In There)
In there?

5. Hombre Ojo | La Musica
My Favourite Perlon Record!
6. Allen Ginsberg | The Ballad Of The Skeletons
I grew up in Australia for a few years and this song out of no where did quite well in the Hottest 100, an Annual Top 100 Countdown which since has unfortunately gone a bit downhill. Love it.

7. Adam Port | Voyage
As far as tracks associated with certain moments go, I can think of a few fond memories dancing to this, especially at London's After Hours Institution Jaded. One of my favourite places to be on Earth Sunday, Mid Day!

8. Barbara Keith | All Around The Watchtower (Rayko Edit)
Pretty damn nice and gets all the hairs on my back standing up, at least it did until I played it 30 odd times today. Someone said Move D ended one of his Sets with this at Freerotation, I expect that was pretty Special.

9. Fybe:one | So What
A track from one of the Shades co-owners and our first release on Shades by Fybe:one.

10. Round One | I'm Your Brother (Chicago's Twisted Mix)
Beast of a Track, play this one lots and lots.