WARMER MIXTAPES #1024 | by Mikey Perry [Paces] of Surecut Kids

1. Cashmere Cat | With Me
Cashmere Cat is one of my Biggest Inspirations, I Love how Emotive his Music is, while still being able to work on the Dance Floor. What a Don.

2. Crooked Colours | Come Down (Palace Remix)
The Original of this is also amazing, but I heard this version first. It’s a Remix by my friend Palace and it’s so good that it made me really depressed about my own Music, haha! Be sure to check Palace out, he is about to blow up for sure.

3. Paces | Open Up Your Eyes (Chiefs Remix)
Chiefs is a pal of mine from Melbourne and, man, he is just such a great Producer. I’m pretty sure this time next year he will be Prime Minister of Australia, haha! He did this Remix of my song and it’s exploded the Internet. Last I heard it was Number 2 on Hype Machine(!).

4. Aluna George | Best Be Believing (Ta-ku Remix)
Ta-ku is right up there at the top of my Inspiration list, equal to Cashmere Cat. The guy is so prolific, and everything he puts out is great! Really nice dude too. Big ups, Ta-ku!!

5. Katy B | Katy On A Mission
This is such a Jam, it’s pretty old now, but I still play it all the time. It’s the perfect blend of Pop Music and Club Music. Definitely an Anthem!

6. SBTRKT | Wildfire (feat. Little Dragon)
Another Timeless Classic. I’m sure when I’m an old man I’ll be telling my grandkids about the times I went and saw SBTRKT Play Live. I can never get enough of this tune. The Vocal, the Production, it’s just Incredible!

7. Foreign Beggars | Hold On (feat. DVS, Skinnyman)
This is from forever ago, but it still Sounds so good today. To me, this is the Epitome of the UK Hip Hop Sound. These guys are great Live too.

8. Sweater Beats | Do It For Me (feat. Erin Marshall)
This is such a rad EP, and this song in particular is nuts! It features Erin Marshall, who sings on my song Julian. She’s such a Legend, I think you’ll be seeing big things from Erin in the near Future. And Sweater Beats is the Bomb Dot Com!

9. Cashmere Cat | Paws
Sometimes when I’m on a Plane and there's bad Turbulence I get a bit Anxious. This is my go-to song to calm me down. Ahhhhhhh...

10. Portishead | Roads
Dummy. This Album Changed How I Think About Music Forever. I heard it when I was 17, working in a Skateboard Shop and I Had Never Heard Anything Like It Before In My Life. I’ve listened to it more than any other Music and it still blows my mind. I Love the Contrast between the Beautiful Vocals and the Dusty Hip Hop Drum Loops. It was Groundbreaking when it was released and it’s really stood the Test of Time.