WARMER MIXTAPES #1025 | by Sione Sisifa [Chiefs/C1] of Chiefs & Nick Acquroff

1. Silverchair | The Door
I grew up around plenty white kids and this is one of my Inner White-Boy Tunes. Reminds me of Summer in Adelaide as a kid riding around on my BMX. Still Head-Banging to this shit.

2. The Prodigy | Breathe
Addicted to that Guitar Riff and Sword Swipe Effect. I used to play this before Basketball Games when I was a kid. I still immediately want to fight someone when I hear this.

3. Daft Punk | Digital Love
One of the First Dance Tracks that I Ever Really Liked. They got me with the Talk-Box. I really Loved Anime growing up and their Videos were Amazing.

4. Marilyn Manson | The Beautiful People
This man scared the shit out of me as a kid. But this song is so Ghoulish that it stuck with me. I kept making my little Brother watch the Video because he cried every time. Fun Fact: Kanye Sampled the Drums for Black Skinhead.

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Scar Tissue
This song and the whole album is a Classic. As a kid, I wanted to escape the Boredom and be Free and this track did that for me. Such a Beautiful Tune. That Guitar Solo at the end gets me every time.
6. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ‎ | Foe Tha Love Of $ (feat. Eazy-E)
Fast Rap only Sounds Good by these dudes. My cousins introduced me to them when I was young and I immediately got it. You can't help but mumble your way through their songs, they're so good. Eazy-E lends a Verse on this one and it's just such a Chill Tune. I had my Sister braid my hair like these dudes and Kris Kross at the time.

7. Wu-Tang Clan | Bring Da Ruckus
This is Rap Real Raw. My Love for Kung-Fu Movies and Rap got married on this album. So Grimey. A simple Drum Pattern and a few Grimey Chords and that Knuckle Snap on the Snare is so dirty. My older Brother got me up on Wu-Tang and I wanted to make Stank Beats like RZA. Inspectah Deck remains my fav Wu Rapper.

8. Janet Jackson | Got 'Til It's Gone
I LOVE R&B. This tune with Q-Tip is so Smooth and that Scratched Up Sample of Joni Mitchell is Ridiculous. Janet is Sexy in this Video. I remember when I Taped this song off the Radio when I was young, the Tape finished before Q-Tip's Verse which was annoying. It still makes me want to Groove along.

9. Bob Marley & The Wailers | Natural Mystic
I just Vibe Out to this on the regular.

10. N*E*R*D | Provider
Pharrell is a Lord. I wanted and still want to be Pharrell. He is the Coolest Dude. I wore Trucker Hats for the longest time. I Love the Melancholic Feel of this tune. Him and Chad made some amazing tunes that I still Jam out to today.