WARMER MIXTAPES #1027 | by Ayane Hoshioka [BEDsSHELi]

1. Sigur Rós | Fjögur Píanó
In August 2012 I saw their Live Performance in Japan. I didn't have the Words. I Love them so much that I cannot express it in Words. It is just that time when I began to Make Music.

2. Julianna Barwick | Cloudbank
She has such a Beautiful Voice. I feel Better whenever I listen to her Music. I want to watch Aurora while listening to this Music in the near Future.

3. Pascal Pinon | Þerney (One Thing)
The Singing Voice Sounds like a Small Bird singing. I like hearing this Music in the Sunlight from the Window, on a Sunday morning. Little Melancholy. It is good, too.

4. Lykke Li | Love Out Of Lust
Such a cute Vocal Style. And her Electro and Rhythmic Drum Sounds are Shining, Dancing and Lovely! I admire her for having this Strength though she is a Lady.

5. moshimoss | Grottuviti
He is a Japanese Artist. But I thought he was a Northern European Artist. He uses any Sounds (Guitar, Glitch, Synth, Children's Voices, Strings and more). But each one of them is completely separate, without interfering with the others. His influence is big on me and I am glad that he is Japanese.

6. matryoshka | Evening Gleam Between Clouds
They are a band with a Fragile and Delicate Characteristic Sound. A while ago I didn't want to go to School. I calmed myself down strangely when I was covered in their Noise Sound in the Darkness of my room, near a Candlelight, on a depressed Sunday night.

7. Cokiyu | More
The Music of a Brilliant Girl.

8. Kyte | Lights Outside Here
You know the feeling when you can't reach the itchy place on your back?... Their Sound rubs my back everytime.

9. Sleep Party People | A Dark God Heart
I like watching a Cirque Du Soleil Show on DVD. Their Performance is Enigmatic and is Beautiful with a Wonder. Exactly like Sleep Party People's Music. My favourite Performance by Cirque Du Soleil is Mystère, the one I saw in Las Vegas.

10. múm | Green Grass Of Tunnel
My friend told me about this song about 3 years ago. I was in Junior High School, spending time together in the quiet park. None of the conversations matched the way this Music made us feel.