WARMER MIXTAPES #1028 | by Oliver Ardizzone [Rad9/Wolfe]

1. Cashmere Cat | Mirror Maru 
I found this track on Seapunkgang's Blog about a year ago, and I Loved it ever since. It's just one of those tracks I would listen to when it's raining outside and I have nothing else to do.

2. 18 Carat Affair | Passion 
Found when going through the Moodgadget Release Catalogue. At the time, this Lo-Fi 80s Sound was Completely New to me, and it made me feel uncomfortable at the same time as it made me feel Nostalgic, even though I never lived through the 80s. I Loved it, because I have a thing for Music that makes me feel some Strong Emotions.

3. Machinedrum | SXLND 
I found this from the track that Azalea Banks used (in 1991 I think) which was on the same EP, also called SXLND. What I just Love about this track is the sort of R&B Slow Jam Sound while at the same time being something that resembled a House track.

4. Arca | Waste 
From Arca's &&&&& Mix Tape, it's just one of those Sounds that are Completely Alien to me, but almost something that I recognise, a bit like Music from the Uncanny Valley. Everything in this track seems completely different, even the Vocals are Twisted Beyond Recognition.

5. Stwo | Know 
I found this fairly recently, one of my mates like it on Soundcloud, it's just such a smooth track to listen to, and I Love every single Element of it, from the Chipmunk-ish Vocals to the Chords in the beginning.

6. The Stranglers | Walk On By (Dionne Warwick Cover)
Going through all of these old Stranglers tracks that my Dad used to play me, I found this one just by chance, it's meant to be a Sad song (a Cover of Dionne Warwick's Original song) but it is so lively at the same time. Not to mention, it has a great Bass Solo.

7. Oneohtrix Point Never | Replica
Found this when I was just going through Related Videos on YouTube, I Loved this as soon as I heard it. Going Out for a Walk in the Snowy Weather while listening to this is the Nicest Thing Ever.

8. Giraffage | Waste Yr Time 
It was on Giraffage's album Comfort which I had found out about before from an Unofficial Music Video. This track is just Emotional to me, and I'm not going to lie when I say this track made me cry once.

9. Mr. Scruff | Jazz Potato 
From Mr. Scruff's first album, I found it when I was going through YouTube again. It's one of those tracks that I recognised even though I had never heard it before, not to mention it is such a Classy track.

10. Everything Everything | MY KZ, UR BF
I had heard of them on the Radio, and I found their album on iTunes, I clicked on the first track that came up. It just has such a nice Groove to it, and the Songwriting is really good. I have been a fan of Everything Everything ever since.