WARMER MIXTAPES #1035 | by Clemens Martinuzzi (At Pavillon, Jester's Banquet) and Melanie Ebietoma (Cinématique) of Mary Lost Her Pathos and MÖWE

SIDE A | by Melanie Ebietoma

1. Alpine | Villages
I have to say that I'm a person who really likes to be alone by herself because only then I really have the time to think about myself and the things which are happening around me. When I listen to this song it takes me to a place in which Everything seems Clear and Easy. It definitely lets me know that there is always a Tomorrow and nothing happens without a Reason.

2. TV On The Radio | Staring At The Sun
Such a great song. Everytime I listen to it I want to Dance and Never Stop. Reminds me of some open air parties at a friend's house. Was always so much Fun and also reminds me of many people I used to know.

3. Radiohead | Everything In Its Right Place
There are often days on which I do some stuff, but never have the feeling that it was enough and that's a pretty fucked up feeling. Then I listen to this song and I know everything is in its right place...

4. The Kills | Black Balloon
I really Love the Video on this and her Voice is so Sexy.

5. Kendrick Lamar | Swimming Pools (Drank)
The first song I heard from Kendrick was ADHD and I thought oh, my God! I need to Party right now. But then he dropped Swimming Pools and I simply knew this is it. Let's go and kill a bottle of Jack and have a night we all never forget!

6. Alpine | Gasoline
I'm listening to this song right now and I can't stop smiling... It is so easy to listen to it and the Voices fit Perfect. Summer, where are you!!

7. Daft Punk | Something About Us
One More Time is nice, but I think Something About Us is so much better. I feel really Smooth when I hear it and it is like Let's Make Love All Night Long!, haha...

8. Chromatics | Cherry
Did find this band because of a post from The xx which I also Love. Really Love the 80s Style they have.

9. LION BABE | Treat Me Like Fire
Awesome Song. It is Funky, it is Sexy, she has an Awesome Voice. This song is Perfect and it makes me want to shake my hips to it immediately...

10. Penny & The Quarters | You And Me
This song is one I just discovered. For me it is two against the rest of the World. Gives me a warm feeling that someone thinks about me...

SIDE B | by Clemens Martinuzzi

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers | So Much I
For me one of the Best Bands in the World! Because of Flea I learned Bass and this was my favorite song on the Bass!

2. Die Fantastischen Vier | Die Da !?!
My first German Hip Hop song my Mum heard it everyday...

3. The Kooks | Naive
I played in many bands and our favorite Genre was Indie Rock, so we got Inspiration from The Kooks.

4. Kid Cudi | Prayer
When I was 17 my brother got his first car, a BMW e30! And in Winter we always went drifting on Kahlenberg in Vienna and we always listened to that song!

5. Left Boy | Sunday Mornin' Chillin'
I'm a big fan of Left Boy and this was the first song I've heard from him a few years ago.

6. Lucky Looks | DoppelpunktKlammerAuf
He is a German Rapper and I really like his Flow and his Lyrics because he always sings about stuff which concerns me.

7. Fettes Brot | Jein
Was my Favorite Summer Tune in 2011.

8. Oliver Koletzki | U-Bahn (feat. Alex Bosse)
First Electronic Song.

9. Casper | Michael X
This song tells a story about losing a good friend! And I lost also a friend... May God bless him.

10. The xx | Crysatlized
One of the Best Bands. They did Something New and Fresh in times where pretty much Everything Sounded The Same.