WARMER MIXTAPES #1036 | by Seian-Richard Scorobete [philemon+baucis]

1. Jimi Hendrix | Valleys Of Neptune
Since when I first saw his Legendary Woodstock Performance I developed an Ever-Growing Passion for his Music. I was in 5th grade when my Father Aurelian first introduced me to his Sound. It sort of feels like I know him in a way, because his Freedom and Spiritual Aspect has always inspired me. His Style is so Insane and Beautiful and absolutely Explosive. Whenever I'm sad I just listen to some Hendrix and it reminds me of the Freakishness of what it means to Experience Life, but in the very best way possible. Electric Church Music Heals. This particular track conveys an Ancient Tale about the Global Consciousness that is likely to Rise Again, someday.

2. XXYYXX | Chaser
This tune reminds me of Childhood and particulary the time when I was rushed to go to Kindergarden and didn't fit anywhere. I must've changed 3 or 4 times. The song was on repeat on a night of deeper-than-usual Introspection. XXYYXX, who also has an Ambient and Experimental project under the name Marcel Everett, delivers playful Melodies, Pads that seem made with a Granulizer from Recorded Sounds and a Bassline that reminds me of how we Humans always feel the Need to Explore and Be Curious About Things. I like the general out-there vibe. The Ethereal Quality shines through.

3. n u a g e s | Dreams
He is a gifted Producer and Percussion enthusiast and you can hear it in the way he adds Soul to every element of this kind with tasty Reverb and carefully selected Samples that he recorded from his phone. It's a track containing a pretty great quote by Zen Buddisht philosopher Alan Watts (who's Voice is also featured in the Movie Her at some point). Apart from that, the Dead Can Dance Sample fits transcendentally well. For me it's a really Enlightening track. I feel like it shows me an Infinite Number of Human Expressions Changing Constantly in front of me... The Poetic, Romantic Drama of Life, the Aspirations, the Blissful Moments; it's all there. In Our Collective Memory. This may sound corny as fuck or something, but that’s what I experienced.

4. Kate Bush | Wuthering Heights
I've heard about Kate Bush only about 6 months ago. My Father's wife Dana said it was kind of a big deal when she heard this song back in the late 80's, mostly from Europa Liberă Radio Station or from the Serbian neighbours. So I remebered this and a couple of weeks ago I started listening to her. Her Voice is Angelic and the Video is just Kate making you awe her impressive Stage Presence. The Music seems Timeless to me. It's eerie 'cause of the actual Lyrical Theme of the song and general Spooky-Spirit-That-Comes-Searching-For-You vibe, but also Sweet and Nostalgic.

5. King Krule | Easy Easy
Archie Marshall is great at Songwriting and capturing his State Of Mind and obviously his Emotions bring the Music upfront effectively. Also, I Love King Krule 'cause the whole Out Getting Ribs thing is a quote from a napkin belonging to Jean-Michel Basquiat which is one of the Artists that I resonate with. I remember seeing an interview of him in The Radiant Child. He was like a sponge when it came to Collecting Information and was a Great Observer of the World. Romantic at its finest... King Krule puts all his Emotions there and you can really hear it in his Primal, Beautiful Scream-like Style of Singing.

6. Tame Impala | Music To Walk Home By
I don’t necessarily like labeling things, but this is Loner, Slow, Slothy kind of Stoner Bliss Music to me and I absolutely Love it. That part at 3:20 in has a really nice Groove. Totally dig it. I can sort of see Kevin Parker sitting on the Beach in Perth before this song was laid down, just hearing it in his innerspeaker and looking at the Waves; preparing everything in his head and then, BOOM!, Sonic Goodness. I can't wait for (good) Psychedelia bands to pop out one after another. It seems like a right time for it. Also, Melody's Echo Chamber and Pond are really worth checking out.

7. Darkside | Paper Trails
Nicolas Jaar’s like a Scientist that's extremely In Tune with his Feelings. I kind of see him as a Sound Arhitect that isn't afraid of being judged. Courageously Multi-Layered Sounds that Act Extremely Visceral. Everything Has Its Own Place, For A Reason. I was meditating on 3 candles one night. When this song was playing, the Lights started Dancing as Wonderous Silhouettes - a Homage to the Harmonic Virtuosity of Jaar. The whole Optical Illusion thing seemed to fit very well with his Style. Recently read his Live Shows were Visually Stimulated by some Artists called Children Of The Light. That makes sense to me.

8. Tycho | The Daydream
This reminds me of a nice Bar in Timişoara, called Aethernativ. They used to play Tycho on some Summer evenings and the Atmosphere was Beautiful. You can't help but feel overjoyed when you listen to Tycho. The Sounds are so carefully selected, Scott Hansen having an Acute Passion for Vintage Synths. The Guitar Melody feels like some sort of Cosmic Fluctuation. When those Abstract Voices come in at the Drop you can just feel yourself washed by glowing Waves of White Pyramidal shaped Light all finding a Focal point in the middle of your Forehead.

9. Michael Nyman | Fish Beach (Drowning By Numbers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I remember sitting on my ex-girlfriend Jaky's terrace on a hot summer night, watching a Movie and suddently this Beautiful, Minimalist Masterpiece comes up. We must've repeated the part a couple of times while smoking cigarettes and looking at the starry sky. After a few months I remebered to search for it and we were both so happy when we finally found out what it was. Really Striking Beauty. A Beat-oriented version of it is featured in a great Mix from Kid Koala, called Solid Steel: Music To Draw To.

10. Boards Of Canada | Roygbiv
Sounds from the Insides of a Rainbow; it's just a little bit more Pure, a Better Place for Dreamers I guess. The song reminds me of a friend, Rainer. He really Loves their Style and we used to discuss the Surreal Aesthetic.