WARMER MIXTAPES #1037 | by Kristinia Jamie DeBarge [Kristinia DeBarge]

1. Mariah Carey | Hero
This song was one of the very first Mariah Carey songs I Ever Learned How To Sing, and I immediately related to it at 9 years of age. I was dreaming of already being a Singer and I had a lot more Faith this would happen after hearing this record. There is lots of Wisdom in this song and the Message, I felt, prepared me for my journey that I had already begun.

2. Led Zeppelin | When The Levee Breaks
I remember the first time I heard this record, at I think 16 or 17 years of age. I was so Electrified by the Beat and I Loved that he was talking about History after the American Civil War, many former slaves moved to the fertile land surrounding the Mississippi River to rebuild their lives as farmers. A lot of little shanty towns sprung up on the banks of the Mississippi, and it became necessary to build a levee to protect them. It was in these towns that Blues Music was born. In 1913 the river flooded and destroyed the levee and the shanty towns with it. Following the flood, most of the former inhabitants of these towns moved either North to Chicago (this is mentioned in the song) or South to New Orleans, which is why these cities later produced so many incredible Bluesmen who were an Inspiration to Led Zeppelin.

3. Radiohead | Bullet Proof.. I Wish I Was
Love this song! I have had so many good and bad times listening to this record, whether it has been with an old Lover or by myself in the bath. It reminds me of being in Love and feeling defeated and having my heart broken, but then still being vulnerable and wanting to be bulletproof. I actually wrote a song called Bulletproof that was inspired by this song. I still listen to it and feel all of those things.

4. Lana Del Rey | Young And Beautiful (The Great Gatsby Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This song also reminds me of being in Love and the happy moments I've had and how I want to hold onto them. One of my Instagram posts I quote this song with a picture of me in a red tinted filter capturing my Youth. I have always dreamt of living Young and Beautiful Forever... And when she says will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful? I feel like if he does; that will Forever make her feel like she is Forever Young and Beautiful... Even if she has grown old. But that's just my thought.

5. Frank Sinatra | Luck Be A Lady (Robert Alda Cover)
I feel like this song is very Swanky. Frank's Voice is so Infectious and he speaks so much Truth about us Lovely Women -- how we have our Moments and Tantrums but have such Power over Men.

6. Nancy Wilson | Guess Who I Saw Today (June Carroll Cover)
She is such an Inspiration to me. She is such a Strong Woman filled with Passion and you can hear it in her Voice and delivery of this song. If you get a chance, take a listen -- it's Beautiful.

7. Katy Perry | Firework
Also another Inspirational song like Hero. It's an Uplifting Hit that makes you feel immediately good when you hear it. I wrote my song Flashbacks (on the Young & Restless album) inspired by this song.

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers | By The Way
I Love how the song starts off slower then speeds up in the middle and gets Fun and Dangerous. They're definitely one of my Favorite Bands of All Time.

9. Martin Garrix | Animals
I work out to this song almost everyday. It makes me wanna get Fit, have Fun, and Go Out and be Productive all at once! Haha. I am even more impressed that this was Produced by a 17 year old boy. Pretty Impressive!

10. Coldplay | The Scientist
I Love this song so much. It's an awesome song to Cover and it's about Love, which is my favorite!