WARMER MIXTAPES #1041 | by Liz Green

1. Clothilde | Fallait Pas Écraser La Queue Du Chat
My Producer Liam introduced me to Clothilde while we were recording. We would listen to this at the end of the day. In the Sleeve Notes it's clear she hated every second of being a Pop Star. She only made this one album and gave up soon after. But she left us this glorious, bonkers, Perfect 60s Pop song.

2. George Coleman | I Wish I Could Sing
Oil Cans and Shouting. George liked to call himself Bongo Joe, and he played on the streets of San Francisco. His relentless Tub Thumping is Primal, Joyful and Playful. Like he's tapping into Happy Heart Rhythms.

3. Antonín Dvořák | Humoreske (Performed by Clara Rockmore)
Because Theremins are Cool. And the Sound of Clara Rockmore playing is like hearing a thousand Sad Women wailing into the Ages. It's Beautiful.

4. Sound Of Rum | Icarus 
Kate Tempest is a One-Off. A Poet, Rapper and Storyteller and brilliant Performer. She places Modern People in Ancient Fabled Roles. Pays attention to the small details of People's lives. I just went to see her play Brand New Ancients last week. This is a stunning retelling of an Age Old Story.

5. Bill Ryder-Jones | If...
It's a Soundtrack he created for a Film of a Book by Italo Calvino that doesn't exist. He comes from the Wirral, by the Sea in the North-West of England where I grew up. And I can hear it in these Arrangements. Tidal, Blustery and Windswept.

6. Janelle Monáe | Cold War
I Dance Only for Janelle. This song got me out of bed every morning while I was on Tour. She takes all these disparate influences and turns them into something entirely herself.

7. Moulettes | Some Who You Love
Great Friends and Beautiful Souls. I Toured with the Moules last year and I never get tired of hearing them Play. They weave together Worlds from Cellos, Bassoons and Violins. I never tired of hearing this song. It's the Most Perfect Expression of the End of a Love.

8. Thelonious Monk | Blue Monk
His middle name was Sphere, you know. Sphere. My band mates Sam and Gus use to listen to Instrumental Jazz all the time in the Transit Van on Tour. I never really liked it... Until I heard them play Monk. I almost made them stop the van. I especially like hearing him on his own. This is from Thelonious Alone In San Francisco. If you listen closely you can hear him Mumbling and Humming along.

9. Little Annie & Baby Dee | Angels Gone Before
That Piano is the Sound of People gracefully slipping off their Bar Stools on their way to join the Floor. Baby Dee is one of my Favourite Performers in the World. This song is from State Of Grace, a collaboration, with New York Legend Little Annie on Vocals.

10. David Bowie | Five Years
I Love Bowie. He's my Most Consistent and Enduring Musical Obsession. I could have picked any song. I think of this one as his Glam-Rock Apocalyptic Lullaby. One day, about nine years ago now, before I'd even started Playing Music, he walked into the Book Shop where I was working. I abandoned what I was doing and went to shake his hand. The Irrational part of me likes to think that's where it all started.