1. Tucker Martine | Brood X 
Broken Hearted Dragonflies: Insect Electronica From South East Asia... This album is recordings of dragon flies who during mating season become so agitated and excited that literally explode. You can hear the frequency of the buzzing change as they begin to die. I feel there is no reason to explain why this is amazing.

2. Eliane Radigue | Transamorem-Transmortem
In the last year this piece changed my interest in Music dramatically. It is incredibly subtle, but violent Minimal high frequency drone. It hurts your ears and heart.

3. The Greenwood Singers | All Fo' You
This song is about being beaten to death and having your throat cut by the one you love and still loving them. The music is almost quaint. The refrain repeats over and over until you find yourself singing the most horrible sentiments unconsciously.

4. Nico | Ari's Song
This is to me the height of Art song writing. Unusual harmonies, but that are still engaging and soul disturbing. Beautiful, unmatchable instrumentation, layer up on layer of lyrical meaning. My favorite opening hook ever.

5. Harmonia | Dino
It makes you feel good and makes a long drive meaningful.

6. The Birthday Party | Mr. Clarinet  
The lyrics and singing are 20 times higher than the next level, jumping from the oddest and most awful of sentiments. Totally unhinged, but totally focused. I would give anything to be able to sing like that.

7. Kraftwerk | The Hall Of Mirrors
Mysterious but totally knowable and relatable, beautifully simple but totally engaging the entire time. That definition of a masterpiece. It feels almost dead in its beauty.

8. Krzysztof Penderecki | De Natura Sonoris No.1 (Performed with Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra)
Grating, slow, haunting and haunted. It's everything you need to know about consonance and dissonance living together as one. It is terrifying. Technically stunning.

9. Otis Redding | That's How Strong My Love Is (O. V. Wright Cover)
My father would play this song to me as a child. Although he is dead, I am, through this song, always freshly reminded by, what ever his flaws, he was a man of great emotion and kindness.

10. Morrissey | Tomorrow