WARMER MIXTAPES #1067 | by Pat Lok

1. Tastexperience | Summersault
This more or less introduced me to Dance Music, I heard it on on a basketball road trip in High School when our starting center lent me this Global Underground CD. Became obsessed with it. I even sampled it in one of my tracks.

2. Ennio Morricone | The Ecstasy Of Gold (The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Listen to this whenever you want to ask out a girl you like.

3. Slum Village | Fantastic 1
The chords on this... Man. Unbeatable. Unbelievable. They should teach about Dilla in school.

4. Rakim | When I B On Tha Mic
This defines Boom Bap for me, maybe my favorite Primo beat. Other one is Gangstarr - Work.

5. Imagination | Music And Lights
Imagination does my favorite Album Art of all time, so campy and mystical and exotic. The falsetto hook da da-da, da da-da will get stuck in your mind for decades AND it still sounds awesome in the club, I even used to play out a 128kps version because it was all I had.

6. Pat Benatar | Love Is A Battlefield
Bought her autobiography for 8 bucks. Did you know she was the first woman (and second artist after The Buggles) ever on MTV? Funny enough I only got into this in the MySpace days after seeing Pete Rock chop it on the MPC.

7. The Rapture | House Of Jealous Lovers
A record that defined an era and spawned a whole genre. I just read that they broke up quietly and so this has to be here. Luke Jenner said in an interview their dream was to make a Rock record that would also work in a Dance club and then they accomplished this on the first try, so it must have been a tough one to follow. Whenever I play this in a DJ set it gets me way, way, way too hyped.

8. The Libertines | Last Post On The Bugle
After University I went backpacking in Europe and ended up living in East London for some time. It was before the explosion of Dance Music stateside and I expected to spend all my time raving it up and buying tons of House records. Instead I got hired at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and then fired after the first day (kinda, I asked them not to fire me and then didn't show up for the next shift) and then worked at a bar/brunch spot called Tartine. It was across from a Lamborghini dealership 10 minutes from Harrods where all the WAGs would come have cocktails and I served the tall one from Sex And The City. There I met became friends with this funny bartender named Jon who played in a band and he got me into the wondrous strange world of Pete Doherty and also amazing British comedies like Peep Show and Green Wing.

9. Tokyo Police Club | Nature Of The Experiment
CANADA! This is the epitome of a festival jam to me. I heard that synth playing playing my first time at Sasquatch (this amazing festival in Washington State overlooking a mountain plateau/canyon river thing). The arrangement is so direct and to the point but still unique. This whole EP was great but only like 15 min long.

10. Underworld | Dark & Long
Trainspotting is still timeless, right? At least that scene where he's tripping locked in his old bedroom at his parent's house that Family Guy parodied. For the longest time I could never understand why he dove into the toilet just for some pills.

+11. Cathy Dennis | Just Another Dream
If you ever get into a musical discussion with me there's two things I can't avoid talking about - 1) Nile Rodgers' Le Freak autobiography and 2) Cathy Dennis. She wrote some of the biggest #1 hits of the past decade, but before that had a pretty-successful solo career produced by Shep Pettibone. She's also a mega babe.

+12. C&C Music Factory | Just A Touch Of Love
I've been smashing this track in my sets for about the last year after re-discovering it. Last week when I played it, my music video director rushed the stage to ask what it was even though she knew all the lyrics, followed by this frumpy woman asking me if I was going to play Department Store Music all night. I laughed my ass off.

+13. DJ Gant-Man | Juke Dat Girl
Party, party. Still in heavy rotation for me. Shout out Chrissy Murderbot for his year of mixtapes (a different genre every week) which got me into all this stuff and also my friend Laberge.

+14. Basement Jaxx | Red Alert
Heard this at my High School grad BBQ for the first time probably a year before I started DJing. Had no idea what House Music was or anything. All I could remember was thinking DAT BASS in between bites of my soggy hotdog. This one still sounds great out, although I feel about 55 years old playing it.

+15. Siriusmo | The Plasterer Of Love
Siriusmo is a beast. It's such a shame that he's stopped this project, every producer I know reveres him. My memory of this song is walking across a massive bridge at 6am after this small party I played with my friend Cyclist, I had just got this gorgeous girl's number after walking her home and was pretty spent, and this started playing on a Cassian mixtape... Seeing the sun come up over the Pacific Ocean from the bridge at that point was pretty overwhelming and just one of those sublime moments.

+16. Chicane | Lost You Somewhere
Put this on my first ever mixtape. Still own the record. It makes me think of sitting on a beach or a hammock in the Adriatic Sea watching the sun rise and sipping on a rakija after a long night out.

+17. Fonda Rae | Over Like A Fat Rat
Amazing closer on many levels, but that pre-chorus especially slays me. I spent weeks trying to figure out how to play the chords by ear, finally Moon Boots showed me. Sometimes I forget how it goes, they're not super easy unless you're Jazz trained.