WARMER MIXTAPES #1068 | by Jenny Rossander [Lydmor] of So-so Echo and Lydmor & Bon Homme

1. Mew | Comforting Sounds
Mew taught me how to feel. When I was a little confused teenager I started listening to their music and I listened to nothing else for a couple of years. I went to all of their shows, I had my Mew-friends who listened to it too. These days I don't get around to listening to it much, but when I put it on I am always overwhelmed with memories and feelings.

2. When Saints Go Machine | Add Ends
I think this song is completely unique and special. Sometimes I put it on when I am at a party and just dance around in circles. I met the guys from When Saints Go Machine a couple of times in Copenhagen. Very nice and talented guys.

3. Antony And The Johnsons | One Dove
One late night in the studio. I had a really shitty evening. Music wasn't working with me. I was in love with the wrong guy. My ears hurt from pushing the volume up and up for hours in hope that it would fix my nonworking track. The studio tech came with a cup of coffee and asked me to listen to this track. It was a perfect moment. We sat in silent understanding.

4. Death Cab For Cutie | Brothers On A Hotel Bed
You may tire of me, when our December sun is setting, 'cause I'm not who I used to be. No longer easy on the eyes, but these wrinkles masterfully disguise the youthful boy below. Holy FUCK, I love the record Plans by Death Cab. It's so intense. I listened to it for the first time with my boyfriend a few months ago. I fell so in love with him all over again, just being in the room with him AND this music. Every time someone says that they like the album too I feel instantly connected to them.

5. Björk | Desired Constellation 
I just can't get around this one. Björk has inspired me a lot with her bravery and Electronic universe. I had a few years where I would HATE people saying that I sang like Björk... I can't really remember why. I guess I wanted to be like noone else. I've gotten over that now. Please call me Björk. I dont mind...

6. Coldplay | Charlie Brown
Didn't expect that from an Indie girl like me now, did you?? Well, I FUCKING love Coldplay. DEAL WITH IT. Now kick me out of the coffee sipping edgy Indie scene if you have to. I'll be singing on my way out we'll be gloooooowing in the daaaaaark.

7. Jay-Jay Johanson | Rocks In Pockets
OKOKOKOK. I kind of wanna be let back in to the edgy Indie club with this one, if it's OK? NO ONE knows who he is. Jay-Jay has released a lot of fucking great albums, and there are sooo many songs that are instant hits in my opinion. But it just hasn't happened. I have no idea why. Sometimes the Music Industry can be so unfair. But well, then there's more for me. I hope I can get to see him live some day. This song is about Escapism. It's such a beautiful story.

8. Oh No Ono | Internet Warrior
I'm an idiot. Everyone in Denmark was talking about this band. I never got around to checking it out. Until now, a few years later where I find out it IS as great as everyone was saying (surprise!). But now the band has split up, so I will never see a show. I have to try to remember to listen when people tell me to check something out!

9. Tomas Barfod | Pulsing (feat. Nina K)
A friend made this. I listen to it ALL THE TIME right now. The melody is so fucking beautiful. There's something very Swedish over her voice. I kind of have a Swedish fetish. For some reason or another they are just REALLY great at Alternative Pop over there. I wish I was Swedish. I mean, Robyn, The Knife, Niki And The Dove, etc., etc.!

10. Depeche Mode | Enjoy The Silence
I met them! By some weird coincidence I had a meeting with their old tour manager one day before their show and me and my boyfriend was invited to come backstage after the show, and we drank wine, talked Music Production and had a lot of fun with them. It was kind of unreal, but really cool! Their music now reminds me of that night. I'm never really starstruck in the moment when I meet stars, but the day after when I woke up I was a bit stoked that I had Depeche-Mode-Afterparty hangovers...