WARMER MIXTAPES #1071 | by Viktor Sandström (L'chaim, Sherekhan, Amina Hocine), Siri Hammenberg, Joel Engvert, Ricky Sokhi (El Taxi Negro), Johan Bagge, Jonathan Gonzalez (Tim, Face Berlin, The Lakes, Huset) and Brian Cukrowski (Tim, Face Berlin) of Happy Hands Club

SIDE A | by Brian Cukrowski

1. 2Pac | Life Goes On 
Most beutiful Rap song EVER.

2. Eros Ramazzotti | Più Bella Cosa
If you want to make me happy, just put on this masterpiece at the highest volume possible!

3. The Raveonettes | Blush
Perfection. This band has inspired me so much. I'm sure I wouldn't play the guitar the way I do today without them.

4. The Smiths | Still Ill
Johnny Marr. Period.

5. Babyshambles | Up The Morning 
I can't explain in words how much this band has meant to me. To just pick out one song from them is hard as fuck, but this one is my favourite right now.

6. Tyler, The Creator | Bastard 
This song just blew me away. It sounded like nothing I had ever heard before in the Hip Hop genre. Magic.

7. Toro Y Moi | Best Around
Chaz is a genius. This song reminds me of all the good ol' summer nights and it always puts a smile on my face.

8. Sigur Rós | Hoppípolla
After all these years this song still makes me cry. Too beautiful.

9. Bob Dylan | Workingman's Blues #2
'Til this day I just can't understand that Dylan released his best song ever in 2006. Real talk.

10. Oasis | Whatever
As with Babyshambles, it's so hard to just pick one song from this amazing band. If you don't like this song you should probably call a doctor or something.

+11. The Tough Alliance | 25 Years and Runnin'
Makes me wanna buy a first class ticket to NYC and say farewell to Sweden forever.

+12. Main Attrakionz | Perfect Skies
These guys are so real! Don't think I'll ever get tired of listening to this song over and over and over again.

+13. Clams Casino | I'm God
This guy is sick. Listening to this song just makes me trip away to another dimension.

+14. Chief Keef | I Don't Like (feat. Lil Reese)
One of the rawest Rap songs I've ever heard. And the beat is just not from this world. Jimmy baby!

SIDE B | by Jonathan Gonzalez

1. Radiohead | There There
A classmate showed me this song when I was twelve or thirteen years old. I was totally blown away by the fact that Music could sound like this. It marked the beginning of my interest in Alternative and Independent Music.

2. Bloc Party | Banquet
In my opinion the best crafted Pop song ever. Matt Tong's drums are nothing short of brilliant on this one.

3. Mogwai | Auto Rock
This was my first encounter with Instrumental Post-Rock or whatever you'd like to call it.
I listened to the whole song with my mouth wide open, staring into the wall in front of me, because I couldn't believe that for fourteen years of my life I had missed out on such beauty.

4. Bon Iver | Creature Fear
I heard this song on Black Cab Sessions in 2008. I later bought the album on a vacation in Berlin and it kind of became a soundtrack to that whole Berlin autumn vibe. I think Justin Vernon is one of the most brilliant musical minds of the 21st century.

5. Sigur Rós | Glósóli
The best song ever made.

6. Baths | Apologetic Shoulder Blades
I'm not the biggest Electro-fan in the band, but the album Cerulean has to be the most frequently played one in my whole record collection. This opening track is amazing.

7. James Yorkston | Woozy With Cider
Only my mom and my brother can make me feel more safe than this song does.

8. Kaki King | Night After Sidewalk
This might just be the greatest Acoustic guitar piece ever recorded.

9. The Roots | Lighthouse (feat. Dice Raw)
I've been a keen fan of The Roots since I was twelve years old or something. The thing is that they're just getting better as the years go by. Undun is a freaking masterpiece of an album and this song is one of the best on it.

10. Junip | Line Of Fire
Just to get some more recent music on this list. This is the best song of 2013, making me proud to live in Gothenburg.

SIDE C | by Johan Bagge

1. The Chemical Brothers | Let Forever Be (feat. Noel Gallagher)
A collaboration from Heaven!

2. French Films | Pretty In Decadence
I don't like the lyrics, but their sound is perfect.

3. Grimes | Oblivion
The most beautiful Bowl-cut in music.

4. Oasis | Slide Away
The most romantic song ever written.

5. The Stone Roses | I Am The Resurrection
The reason Music still exists.

6. Washed Out | You'll See It
The best sounding snare drum you'll ever hear.

7. Wild Nothing | Golden Haze 
The first song I heard by Wild Nothing, remains my favourite.

8. WU LYF | L Y F
Love You Forever.

9. Youth Lagoon | Poster
Don't bother counting how often he says the word Posters on the album.

10. Simple Minds | Don't You (Forget About Me) (The Breakfast Club Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Sounds like U2 on acid, but the movie was good though.

SIDE D | by Ricky Sokhi

1. The Radio Dept. | Pulling Our Weight
My first true love. Filled my mid-teen years with a sad happiness.

2. Radiohead | Kid A
Tears of joy I've shed to this masterpiece of godlike geniuses.

3. Claude Debussy | Suite Bergamasque: 3. Claire De Lune (Played by Isao Tomita)
One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever to be composed. Brings me to that perfect state of happy-in-sadness. Love it!

4. Delorean | Come Wander
Filled with careless happiness and love. Opened my eyes and heart to Ibiza-pianos and eight-note triplets-guitar riffs.

5. Youth Lagoon | Montana
What's appealing is the paradoxal feeling I have towards him. I don't think this is a brilliant album, but still it moves me deeply and that amazes me. I don't know what I like the most, the amazement or the music. Either way it's fantastic.

6. WU LYF | Heavy Pop
Few bands have moved me so deeply. Still does.

7. Money | So Long (God Is Dead)
I have nothing but a great deal of respect and love for what they are doing.

8. The Beatles | Across The Universe
Speaks for itself.

9. Sleep Party People | A Dark God Heart
Amazing music from this Danish bunny.

10. Sigur Rós | Glósóli
First I heard with them and still one of the greatest eargasms I've had.

SIDE E | by Joel Engvert

1. The Birthday Party | Deep In The Woods
Early Nick Cave, Punk, Noise, heavy good stuff.

2. Tom Waits | Dirt In The Ground
This is my rainy-night-at-the-tram song and it's been that for quite a long time now. Beautiful.

3. The Radio Dept. | Strange Things Will Happen
The song that made me love Radio Dept., so I'm thankful that it exists.

4. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds | Song Of Joy
The song of my late teenage.

5. Joy Division | She's Lost Control
Just thankful that I have a mother who introduced me to Joy Division.

6. The Haunted | Abysmal
My first Metal band album and this was my favorite track. I've been 13 and angry to this track so many times.

7. Blue For Two | Eye Of A Storm
The best live concert I've been to! And the best singer in Sweden.

8. The Beatles | I Want You (She's So Heavy)
The track of a bad striptease to an old girlfriend, good memories and a good song!

9. Olle Ljungström | Världens Räddaste Man

10. Led Zeppelin | Dazed And Confused (Jake Holmes Cover)
Rock 'N' Roll.

SIDE F | by Siri Hammenberg

1. Trixie Whitley | Need Your Love
Love her voice and talent.

2. Efterklang | Sedna 
I had to listen a few times to the whole album, Piramida, before I realised how good it is. This is one of my favorite songs. I'm very impressed by the sound and the construction of the song.

3. Erykah Badu | Bag Lady
I think Erykah Badu is amazing, and I really like the meaning of this song.

4. Joni Mitchell | All I Want
Just listen to the lyrics.

5. Black Dub | Silverado
Daniel Lanois, Brian Blade and Trixie Whitley = The best combination ever!

6. ABBA | Angeleyes
It’s ABBA!

7. Jackson Browne | Somebody's Baby
Oh, I just love Jackson Browne so much and this is his best song.

8. The Band | The Weight
Reminds me of my childhood. When The Staples does this sing on The Last Waltz, I’m just speechless.

9. Linda Ronstadt | Willin' (Little Feat Cover)
A cover of Little Feat and she does this song so much better!

10. Janis Joplin | One Night Stand
Love the lyrics, love her voice, love her.

SIDE G | by Viktor Sandström

1. Bonobo
 | Animals 
I think there is nothing more beautiful than bass clarinet.

2. E.S.T.
 | O.D.R.I.P.
The piano solo in this song is so great, I can't seem to shake the feeling of this song.

3. Lianne La Havas
 | Forget
I really like her souly voice.

4. Dirty Projectors | Beautiful Mother 
I was totally blown away by this song when I saw their show in 2012. I could not believe that people could sing like that.

5. Little Dragon | A New 
Sounds like as if Prince had produced Erykah Badu.

6. Erykah Badu 
| The Healer 
The real Erykah!

7. Solange | Don't Let Me Down 
She was in Gothenburg last summer!

8. Buraka Som Sistema
 | Hangover (BaBaBa)
Buraka Som Sistema make really good songs. I've been playing their songs at clubs for a while, when I've been DJing.

9. ASAP Rocky 
| Acid Drip 
This beat by Soufein3000 is really cool, especially the intro.

10. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | ...And The Gods Made Love