WARMER MIXTAPES #1086 | by David Bryan Hinman [Himalia]/(Martyr Defiled)

1. The Fall Of Troy | What Sound Does A Mastodon Make?
I absolutely love The Fall Of Troy, they were probably the first band that got me into real messy time signatures and made me think a little about how Music is portrayed, especially as a 3 piece, they are so, so, so talented. This song just goes to show that no matter how melodic or crazy it is it's one hell of a composition! Every time I listen to it I find something new I've not heard in it before.

2. Mos Def | Mathematics
This song, I remember working at HMV when I was about 17 and one of my managers asked me about Hip-Hop and what I knew of it. I was all like Yeah, Gangstarr, Nas are all pretty cool... Then he showed me Mos Def. I can honestly say that when he burnt me the album Black On Both Sides I was completely blown away. Now, Mos Def is defiantly one of my favourite rappers, with his signature voice (sounds like he's got a cold), haha. Not only did this open up a gateway for me to explore similar artists, but if it wasn't for this album I don't think I would of ever gotten into Music the way I have now.

3. Synkro | Here's Your
This was actually the first Synkro tune that I heard, I've only been producing for just over 2 years, so all this was pretty new to me. Synkro was one of the first artists that got me into producing nice music? Not that making Wonky stuff isn't fun, but I just prefer to make something with a real nice hook or melody. Here's Your was a massive turning point for me as it allowed me to work on my percussion, but with a melodic trip rather than a bass heavy trip. Synkro is probably my all time favourite producer to date.

4. Unitz | The Drop (FabricLive.37 Version)
Well…Dubstep, proper Dubstep, haha. I love this tune. When I first heard it in a nightclub in my hometown being played by one of my friends I was like... WOAH?! What is this??!... Shortly after I went and bought FabricLive.37 and learnt all about Caspa & Rusko. Mind you this was when I was about 18-19. Still play it on the regular to this day.

5. Netsky | Eyes Closed
Netsky is one of my favourite Drum & Bass producers. He is also another reason why I got into making melodic music. His earlier stuff, Spearhead/Liquid Ganja stuff was amazing. So soulful but so deep at the same time. Discovering this from another close friend I then got onto the whole Hospital Records wagon which then further lead me to Med School. Gotta love a bit of Boris.

6. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek | Too Late (feat. Res)
After being introduced to Mos Def, then came Talib. I discovered Blackstar and other tracks that got me into Talib as much as Mos. Too Late is a track off Reflection Eternal which is an AMAZING album if you have not heard it before. This track kinda reminds me of a level off Mickey Mouse's Castle Of Illusion. Don't ask me why I think that, but the vibe and chord progression reminds me of that. Hi-Tek is an awesome Beat maker.

7. Apollo Brown + OC | Anotha One
One of best mates introduced me to Apollo Brown, I'm so glad he did. The album Trophies is one of the best Hip-Hop albums I've ever heard and it's quite recent too! Can't believe beats still sound so dated but aren't. I really like that. This tune just reminds me of chill in with my mates, going to the skatepark, driving to another city to go skate and just generally chillin'.

8. Suicide Silence | No Pity For A Coward
Well, you can't really tell by the music I make now that this has influenced me, but it totally has. I used to be in a Death Core band called Martyr Defiled, so was getting into all this whilst in the band. We used to cover this song when we first started up. This song just gets me so excited, by the way, it's such a powerful song, especially the breakdowns, Mitch Lucker was an incredible guy and so influential during my time in being in a band. I will always love Suicide Silence 'til the day I die.

9. Akkord | Navigate
When I first heard a clip of this tune I remember being like WHAT, not realising it was Synkro & Indigo. It's a sound that nobody else really has, it reminds me of real dark and moody bass music, but with their own kind of sound. You can especially tell which bits Joe (Synkro) does too. His signature shakes and percussion just make them a duo that really stick with me. Especially because I love them both separately anyway.

10. Barefoot | Murmurs
I first heard this track on a Med School compilation and was totally blown away by it. It's still one of my favourite songs to date. I remember sitting at my house with my friends and dimming the lights down and watching the video for this track. It's SO cool. The visual compliments to track so well. So chilled. Big up, Tom.