WARMER MIXTAPES #1087 | by Jarell Perry

1. Stevie Wonder | Love's In Need Of Love Today
When I bought my first ten-dollar mic from Radio Shack and tried recording vocal loops for the first time, this was the song I chose. I remember agonizing over those beginning Ooh harmonies and really feeling myself when I got them down, A Capella. This was probably the first thing I put up when I had a MySpace page.

2. India.Arie | Beautiful Surprise
The Acoustic simplicity of this song, her voice, and the lyrics - felt like a perfect Love song to me, it's almost too innocent now. But when I first heard it the connection was undeniable.

3. John Legend | Ordinary People
I remember driving home late one night and hearing this on the radio as I pulled in. It's one of those moments where you have to sit and wait in the car 'til the song is over because it's that good. And then I wanted to hear it over and over. And then it became my go-to song for years after that.

4. Miike Snow | Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)
The drums and chord structure in this song really kicked off a creative streak with me and HSVN while making my first album Simple Things. It never gets old - it's got this magical thing to it that keeps you moving.

5. Keane | We Might As Well Be Strangers
I went through this hella emo phase when I was about to graduate High School and driving around with this song blasting was the only thing that felt right.

6. Coldplay | Sparks
I was a sophomore in High School when I made a mixtape for my first girlfriend and this was one of her favorite songs. It actually prompted me to dive into that whole Parachutes album. Still influences my music to this day.

7. Feist | Gatekeeper
I fell in love with this song in College, every girl I liked love this song. It's got soul in the softest most white bread way. If there were an alternate universe I'd chose to be Leslie Feist performing this song.

8. Imogen Heap | Hide And Seek
Everything about Imogen's style and vocal production is on another planet to me. This song was and Such Great Heights were my gateway drugs.

9. Violator | Vivrant Thing (feat. Q-Tip)
He'll always be one of my favorite rappers and this will always be one of my favorite tracks - quintessential.

10. Twin Shadow | Golden Light
This sound is like perfect mix of Past, Present and Future, Summer, Spring and Winter, so there's never a time I don't want to hear this.

+11. Kendrick Lamar | Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
This whole album is a movie, but this track puts you in a real zone. The shots fired in that first verse, the vocal fade out at the end - it's the details.