WARMER MIXTAPES #1088 | by Evangelia C. [Lola's Bad/Abyss X]

Photos by Gaynor Perry and Spyros Droussiotis

1. Julee Cruise | Questions In A World Of Blue (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
A very melancholic song that has carved in my heart ever since I watched the scene on Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, where it featured. A long time went by before I could listen to this song without bursting into tears. Fantastic performance in the film by the one and only fairy queen icon Julee Cruise.

2. Kate Bush | The Sensual World
I love everything about her, she's indeed one of the few true artists out there. Listening to the euphoric vocal line is like entering the gates of Heaven... In my top ten music videos too.

3. Eurythmics | I Did It Just The Same (Nineteen Eighty-Four Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The bass line is sick - probably one of the hottest tracks ever written. And Lennox doesn't even have to do much, it's just pure style. The ultimate sensual seduction.

4. The Beach Boys | Feel Flows
I first heard this song while watching Almost Famous. And then I became obsessed with Brian Wilson and his life. I can't describe the inner workings taking place in my mind when I listen to this... Just feel flows.

5. Igor Stravinsky | The Rite Of Spring (Performed by Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Yoel Levi)
Vaslav Nijinsky has been my all time obession and so has the breathtaking score for his choreography The Rite Of Spring, written by Igor Stravinsky. I was lucky enough to watch the live performance of the piece by the English National Ballet at the National Opera. I remember how when the show was over, I ran back home and started learning the choreography from a YouTube clip. I was playing the video on repeat 'til I learnt the whole piece and then I used segments from it for one of my theatre performances.

6. Nine Inch Nails | Closer
I remember when as a little girl I heard this on the local radio in Crete and I got the shivers all over. For me, the release of the album The Downward Spiral is one of the greatest moments in Music History. Trent is like God. Period.

7. Elvis Presley | Love Me (Willy And Ruth Cover)
The most tender love song ever written. If someone played it live under my balcony I'd consider marrying them. I worship Cage's performance of the song on Wild At Heart.

8. The Surpremes | Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
When you're ill take a pill. When you're thirsty drink your fill. I just love the drag scene on Slaves Of New York.

9. The B-52's | Give Me Back My Man
Cindy Wilson and her wigs have a special place in my heart. This song is taken from ultimate party album form the biggest party band ever. B-52's were so ahead of their time that they probably sound a lot fresher than any band playing their genre in 2014.

10. This Mortal Coil | Another Day (feat. Elizabeth Fraser) (Roy Harper Cover)
I love this version more than the original by Roy Harper. Fraser just took it to the other dimension. Excellent cover.