WARMER MIXTAPES #1090 | by Justin Miner of Miner

1. Jim Guthrie | Problem With Solutions
I still remember the first time I heard this song, and being floored by the effect this strange little song had on me. The string and percussion instrumentation lopes along with a sort-of happy go lucky feel, while the strangely profound lyrics reveal a depth and sadness that sets the tone for the rest of the album. A modest masterpiece.

2. Vetiver | Been So Long
This song slowly hypnotizes you and pulls you into a blissful, entranced state – I always wish this song could go on forever. Reminds me of lying in a grassy field in the Sun.

3. Merle Haggard And The Strangers | Sing A Sad Song
Whenever the blues catch up with me, this song never fails to bring a smile to my face. It shows off Merle’s incredible voice and lets you wallow in some classic, melodious self-pity.

4. The Format | Dog Problems
I first heard Nate Ruess through his band The Format, and this title track off their final proper record is still one of my favorite things he ever made. It moves through theatrical movements reminiscent of a Queen song or a Broadway musical while remaining a cohesive Pop song - inventive lyrical storytelling and a truly ambitious song that just works.

5. The Helio Sequence | Hallelujah
Epic in every sense of the word – the religious angst of the lyrics set up the first half of the song, and then halfway through the song shifts skyward and remains lyric-less for the remainder as the layers of guitars and melodies build. The best track on a great album.

6. Keali’i Reichel | Kawaipunahele
I grew up in Maui, Hawaii, and so Hawaiian Music was a large part of my musical education. This song by Keali’i Reichel is a love song, and you don’t need to understand the lyrics to get it.

7. of Montreal | An Eluardian Instance
I literally cannot get enough of this song. Some of Kevin Barnes best lyrics - cerebral yet packing emotional punch - and melodies for days. I have probably listened to this song, along with the various Jon Brion remixes, hundreds of times.

8. Beach House | Used To Be
I am a massive fan of just about everything Beach House has done, and this song combines all that I love about the band into a song. The switch it makes into the outro of any day now to end the song is heartbreaking every time.

9. Sufjan Stevens | Now That I’m Older
Another song that crushed me the first time I heard it. Simply beautiful and stunning.

10. Yo La Tengo | Green Arrow
The musical equivalent of standing on an empty street at 3am. Melancholy slide guitar over the sound of crickets while the band does just enough to keep the song afloat. Wordless and quietly powerful.