WARMER MIXTAPES #1091 | by Jacob Douglas of Sonjagon

Photos by Marcus Rönne

1. Chuck Berry | Sweet Little Sixteen
Growing up, Chuck Berry was the first artist I came across. Me and my dad always listen to this song Sweet Little Sixteen in the car. My dad always said how good the bassline was while he turned up the volume.

2. Speaker | Who Are You
When I was in the first grade I had a fight with one of my classmates. I felt so guilty the same night because I had hit the guy. I was laying in bed when my mum came in and said that she just got off the phone with this classmate's mum and they had decided that we were gonna have a sleepover the next day. I was so excited and everything felt alright again. On the sleep over me and my classmate found out that we had one thing in common - that our older brothers, each independently, had just introduced to us the song Who Are You by the Swedish band Speaker. Later in School my classmate told me that he played that song on the loudest volume on his older brother’s Stereo (his older brother was like Buzz in Home Alone) and I thought that was so cool. That classmate was Hugo Johansson, which later joined Jacob Stenberg and me in our band Sonjagon.

3. The Beatles | Within You Without You (Instrumental)
When I was around ten years old my godfather gave me The Beatles Anthology 2 album which included never-before-released Beatles material and demo takes. I was already a big Beatles-fan and found it extremely interesting to hear the first demo take of a song and then compare it with Sir George Martin's version. I realized that I almost liked the sound of the actual recordings better than the song itself. During this time my older brother began to fill our parents' basement with instruments and amps. Later on we transformed the basement into a recording studio.

4. David Bowie | I’m Waiting For My Man (Live: Santa Monica '72 Version) (The Velvet Underground Cover)
I performed this song live playing guitar and sing at my big brother's High School graduation party. The only problem was that I didn’t knew the lyrics and as I wasn’t too familiar with the English language at that time, the words I sang was a mix of non existing, made-up Swedish and English words. I performed in front of 100 people.

5. Shellac | Wingwalker
One of the best live performances I’ve ever seen was by the Noise Rock band Shellac in Utrecht, Amsterdam. I was travelling alone through Netherlands and Germany and I got the pleasure to meet the legend Steve Albini in person. Mr. Albini was very kind and his guitar sound was crazy as hell.

6. Genesis | The Carpet Crawlers
This song became a favorite, playing in my ears one night when I was walking through a snow storm to meet up a friend.

7. Chris Coffee | Kaffe
When I studied at the University I had the honor to share an apartment together with a Rock poet called Chris Coffee. He always performed in a bathrobe at private parties and with a live band in our living room. A real character.

8. La Roux | Bulletproof
An autumn in Sweden a couple of years back, Elly Jackson, the singer of La Roux, really charmed me with her appearance in the music video for the song Bulletproof. At La Roux’s first gig in Sweden I tried to sneak into the backstage area, but got thrown out on every attempt. After the last song I finally managed to sneak in behind the stage and also into Miss Jackson. And, yes, of course, I was prepared. I gave her a CD and a letter. Although I never heard from her I was really happy I got to meet her.

9. Béla Bartók | Music For Strings, Percussion And Celesta (Performed by RIAS Symphony Orchestra; Conductor: Ferenc Fricsay)
At the University, I ran a radio show, Kiö Media, on the student radio with a friend of mine. We were meant to make weekly radio shows over a whole semester, but we only produced two programs so the radio station had to air our two programs on rerun that whole semester. I used this music piece during my part, The Moral Dilemma, which was about blowing up a fat man to save a group of people or save the fat man. We had so fun recording those two radio shows.

10. Anja Bigrell | Adam
Last week I saw the Swedish singer Anja Bigrell live in Stockholm, it was amazing. And her bass player was so groovy.