WARMER MIXTAPES #1092 | by Adrian Kryczkowski [Restrict Flavour]

1. Cutting Crew | (I Just) Died In Your Arms
This song is the most cult track for me. I've heard it when I was a child. My father listens to a lot of 80's & 90's music and I always borrow CD's from him.

2. Michael Jackson | Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
It was really fascinating to discover through Michael's career. One day I found this song on the Net. I love the Funky vibe of this track released in 1979.

3. Daft Punk | One More Time
For me these French producers are pioneers in mixing Electronic with Traditional Music Techniques. I think they are something like legends now. Everyone knows at least one track from this duo.

4. Justice | D.A.N.C.E.
I think everyone should know their music. Justice is just huge amount of groovy & Funky tracks. When I hear the lyrics of D.A.N.C.E. I just seriously want to dance. I'm really impressed by their their melodies and sound.

5. Gorillaz | Feel Good Inc. (feat. De La Soul)
This track has very catchy melody and hook. It's very interesting for me how they present their music on concerts by the animated characters. I think it was huge innovation in live shows. I hope that they will come back with new material soon.

6. Neon Indian | Polish Girl
Neon Indian introduced me to Chillwave world. Hipster band singing about a polish girl, you know it doesn't happen very often. I think this track has very interesing and heavy reverbed vocal parts. Polish girls are beautiful and this track is beautiful too.

7. James Blake | CMYK
Blake's songs are really different from Mainstream Music. CMYK is a very simple and Minimalistic composition. Just few chords, percussion and modulated vocal. But when I watched the crowd at Pitchfork Festival in 2011 react on this song I realized that James is a really talented composer.

8. XXYYXX | About You
Damn. That sampled Beyoncé's vocal is really dope. I've listened to this song for hours. I know that this is the most hyped Marcel's track, but I'm really in love with this vibe. He really knows a lot about Sampling and he is doing it well.

9. Janet Jackson | If (Kaytranada Remix)
Kaytranada’s style is mixing Hip Hop, R&B and Electronic Music. He showed his skills in this remix. For me it is the best track from him. I like the way the bass sounds and with Janet's voice is absolutely amazing.

10. Cashmere Cat | Mirror Maru
Cashmere Cat is huge inspiration for me right now. The way he uses crappy and weird sounds in his tracks is very interesting. The piano intro in Mirror Maru is really lovely. I'm a big fan of his music and the way he plays with samples and transform them into a masterpiece.