WARMER MIXTAPES #1103 | by Grayson Gilmour of So So Modern

Photos by Liam Bachler and Malino Suzuki

1. Tim Hecker | Virginal I
+ Virginal II... Virgins sounds like Tim Hecker coming into his own, it’s a remarkable record which demands attention, however a complete listen through probably isn’t for the faint of heart!

2. Jacaszek | Dare-Gale
Sometimes I listen to an album which makes me want to erase everything I’m working on and start again, Glimmer was one such album. Hauntingly perfect.

3. Nils Frahm | Keep
…& sometimes I listen to an album and think why didn’t I do that earlier?... Nils Frahm’s work has been inspiring me to get back to simpler times; me & my piano.

4. Dawn Of Midi | Nix
This record is almost too perfect, these guys are freaks! The tightest, most precise and hypnotising record I’ve heard in a long time… Without any Programming!

5. The Books | All You Need Is A Wall
The Books are a longtime favourite of mine, yet All You Need Is A Wall is quite far from their signature sound… In a way to me, it signals them sadly coming to an end.

6. Dirty Projectors | Dance For You
Another longtime favourite! So many great songs on this album, Dance For You was constantly stuck in my head for a while, who else can get away with the lyric I boogie down Gargoyle streets?

7. Juana Molina | Eras
A recent discovery! Oddball time signatures and abstracted sounds effortlessly ebb & flow through this record, maybe it's because her voice is so mesmerizing?

8. The Notwist | They Follow Me
It’s always a good year when The Notwist put out another record! Just a casual eight years since their last effort, I have a soft spot for these guys.

9. JJ DOOM | Guv’nor
My favourite Hip Hop loop of late! Chimey guitar goodness.

10. The Knife | Wrap Your Arms Around Me
This record terrified me. I’d never really been a fan of The Knife until this record, one & a half hours of endurance. Good for bad dreams.

+11. Laurel Halo | Serendip
Managed to catch Laurel Halo live last year (thanks Altmusic!). So refreshing to see someone make seamless Electronica without a laptop on stage, Transcendental even.

+12. Young Echo | Voices On The Water
The UK is a bloody grim place, let's be honest. I find tracks like this to be so raw, and humbling in their honesty.