WARMER MIXTAPES #1104 | by Tim Crompton of The High Wire

1. The War On Drugs | Red Eyes
God, this makes me just want to get up and out of here. Onto a train. To anywhere. Far. I'd listen to this on a loop. Love The War On Drugs, listening to them = feeling alive.

2. Phosphorescent | The Quotidian Beasts 
Messed-up, moving & uplifting. Would love to see them playing this live. It's just kind of glorious.

3. Vampire Weekend | Step
So Downbeat & defeated. This sticks out a million miles every time it comes on the radio. I just think it's beautiful, with incredible words & a tired, wasted emotional state that's totally it's own.

4. The Beach Boys | Forever 
The most perfect Love song ever. Nothing more to say.

5. Plush | Found A Little Baby
I know that there must be other people in the world who love Plush, but I've never properly met anyone who's heard of them. When I went to see Liam Hayes play live a few years ago it was to about 20 people in the 12 bar. Us 20 got to see the most underrated, unheard of great talent & the rest of the world totally missed out.

6. The Lemonheads | My Drug Buddy
A perfect song about friendship. John Martyn did it with May You Never too. This has such an atmosphere & I love how it reminds me of best friends, being free to hang out together & do anything.

7. Mazzy Star | Fade Into You
This song is on every mixtape I've ever made for friends. I had a cut-out of a magazine ad for it on my wall when I was at School & it was - & is still - my favourite song ever.

8. R.E.M. | Country Feedback
The coolest band I was ever in lasted one day. It was with Toby, Sophie, Jo & John when we were about 16. We recorded this, Learning To Fly & a beautiful song by Toby & Sophie called Over My Head.

9. Teenage Fanclub | Going Places
I could play this on a loop for hours on end just going in to a trance. Is this not one of the best songs ever? Why doesn't everyone listen to it every day?

10. Wilco | At Least That's What You Said
Horribly emotional, almost painful, but totally cathartic too. Basically Wilco saying when everything is fucked up it's best to just sing about it, then plug in and pretend to be Neil Young. I'm going to put this on to listen to right now.