WARMER MIXTAPES #1128 | by François-Xavier De Brogniez [Bad Dancer]

1. Theophilus London | Flying Overseas (feat. Solange Knowles and Devonté Hynes)
Love the Disco bass in this song. And, as Theophilus London, the track is so class, discovered it 2 or 3 years ago and still one of my faves. Today T. London is probably making the only tracks who makes me dance, haha.

2. U2 | Bullet The Blue Sky
The atmosphere in this track is what I'm looking for when I produce my own tracks. Love the sound from the Edge's Fender, a bit dark, looks like gunshot.

3. Bam Bam | Where's Your Child?
When I play this track, that's so effective! Love the vocal mix and the Acid side gets crazy. The kid's voice is a bit unhealthy, but, when you play the track at 5am, people love it, dunno why, haha.

4. T99 | Anasthasia (Out Of History Mix)
Actually, when I hear this track, I regret to be 22 year old today. I think I'm born 20 years too late, haha.

5. Gudda Gudda | I Don’t Like The Look (Willy Wonka) (feat. Lil Wayne)
I don't usually listen to Rap Music, but when I do it it's often produced by Jahlil Beats. This one is produced by him, you can play this track at anytime, that's so effective on the crowd. Lil Wayne is probably my favorite Rap singer with Gucci Mane.

6. Lil Louis | French Kiss
Sorry, but this is a classic fuckin' tune. I already heard it in sooo many DJ sets from Richie Hawtin to Laurent Garnier, always a pleasure!

7. Brodinski | Bad Runner
This song is the beginning of everything. That's exactly the kind of track I love to play, cuted voice, long break and the bass goes mad. I think I'm gonna play this track soon, bomb from Brodi.

8. Mikal Cronin | Apathy
Mikal Cronin is the member of Epsilons, Moonhearts and the bass player from Ty Segall, I love these 3 bands. I saw him 2 years ago, in the little pub in Liège, front of 50 people, it was just perfect. I really like these American Rock bands, the quality sound looks bad, but it's so amazing, a bit dirty but so authentic.

9. Dusty Kid | The Cat
The first time I heard this song it was at the Radio Soulwax XMAS in 2007, and I was like OMG, what track is it????... This track is a surprise from the start to the end. The voice, the melo, everything is build to make me mad.

10. NOFX | Linoleum 
I put NOFX in this top10 because it was one of my favorite bands 8 years ago and I'm still listening to their tracks. Fat Mike is probably the most crazy/perfect person I've ever known. And this top10 is a mix of everything I like, so I have to put NOFX in, haha.