WARMER MIXTAPES #1129 | by Kyle Cramer [Kyross]

1. Burial | Shell Of Light (Shlohmo Remix)
I don't know how he does it. Shlohmo knows how to use the most simplistic synthesizers and VSTs to his songs and with those key vocals he uses to overlay the song it just sounds like a waterfall of intense emotion. For this I have so much respect for him. The song in general brings me to an euphoric state of mind that can always add some depth to my day if I'm feeling a little dull, props to Shlohmo.

2. Mister Lies | I Walk (feat. Jessica Blanchet)
I feel like the World would be a better place if people would take 5 minutes to listen to this song. Mister Lies absolutely killed it on this track for sure. The first time I listened to it I felt like I was floating in Space observing a nebula or something trippy like that.

3. Pink Floyd | Speak To Me
+ Breathe... These songs takes me back to the days of grade 6 when I used to hang out at the skatepark every day and cruise the bowl. Pink Floyd has an undeniable force of awesomeness that basically inspired me to start skating after I heard Wish You Were Here in Lords Of Dogtown. Overall it’s just a great classic to enjoy yourself to.

4. Godspeed You Black Emperor! | East Hastings
Considering I’m from Vancouver I have been to East Hastings multiple times and observed the poverty, despair, and misery that goes on down there. This song is filled with pure abstract expression, hard emotions, and sounds that give you cold pure chills. It’s heavier in emotion than any Metal band you could think of. If you ever get the chance to observe the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver you will see that this song will relate quite well to what you're experiencing.

5. MoRuf & Iman Omari | Euphoria (Intro)
The title says it all, Euphoria bringing intense rushes of happiness and good vibes. This song basically describes my Saturday morning with the Sun beaming through the window. This could also be considered one of my favorite Hip Hop projects done in my opinion. Hopefully they get more attention in the coming years.

6. Rejjie Snow | Trumpets (feat. Fergus Alan)
Rejjie Snow is currently an upcoming Hip Hop artist who is just killin' it along with starting an Irish Hip Hop scene behind him. This song takes me back to summer everytime, jus' chillin' really. Rejjie Snow is the sickest.

7. Tuuwa | One On One
Although this song was produced by Tuuwa in 2013 it gives me feelings like I’m back in the 70s, bobbin' away to these Funked out tunes. I found out about Tuuwa through joining Midwest Collective where I met up with his Funky French House vibes along with other very talented producers. This is the song that can heal depression and make you wanna groove in.

8. Rustie | Slasherr (Flume Edit)
I went to see Flume live at the Vogue Theatre on August 31st and can I tell you this was the best song live by far. Flume started becoming one of my top favorite Electronic artists around late spring. It’s almost like when you find a piece of Music your brain craves, but you just can’t seem to find it. Flume was most likely that missing piece for myself. His music ranges from unexpected, trippy, bassy, emotional, offbeat, chill, heavy, deep, I don’t even know how to explain it. This drop just does it for me, the way the bass breaks into an orchestral Dubsteppy sound that makes you feel like you're entering a heaven of bass.

9. mathbonus | A Pale Shimmer
Because I’m deeply inspired by Shlohmo, Mathbonus really scored this song big time. Mathbonus’s music has deep emotion, and definitely has huge Shlohmo inspired sounds. I’m really a fan of anything that sounds dreamy, has good flow, and has some deep chord progressions and Mathbonus ticks everything off the list. It’s like having a good concussion or something. Takes me back to winter when I was longboarding in Victoria with my good friend (SizzlingLoaf), check him out on Soundcloud.

10. XXYYXX | Secrets
First time I heard this masterpiece was when I woke up on a cold sunny winter morning with a cup of coffee, my laptop, and a set of headphones. I started listening to it and immediately felt amazing from the soothin sounds that start the song off, leaving you feeling all cloudy 'n' stuff. It’s just beautiful, the way he makes the Air chorus roll into the sidechained chill drop. A+, Marcel.

+11. KamCartoon x ADOTHEGOD | Feels Like Drugs 
This was probably the first Downtempo, Electronica, trippy, beat songs I had heard that gave me a boost to keep Producing Music when I felt dry of Inspiration. KamCartoon definitely deserves more credit for the Music he makes, check him out.

+12. Mac DeMarco | Ode To Viceroy
Every time I hear this song it takes me back to spring break when I went on a sailing trip in late spring. The first chords to the song make you want to lay down in the Sun and just chill out. I also saw him live in April last year and it was just great, he’s really a great soul who makes great music I could listen to at any time of the day. It’s almost like a 50s Love song, dreamy type song and I love the nostalgic feel to it.

+13. SebastiAn | Embody 
This is by far the song that got me into Producing Electronic Music. When I heard this song I couldn’t help but dance, it was so good. I was getting curious about how these EDM Producers made such amazing Music. That's when I got FL Studio and started going at it around early February. Although my Music didn’t resemble SebastiAn's French House/Dance tunes that I was deeply inspired by, I found my style of Dreamwave/Chilltrap/Witchhousey/ kinda... Well... To be honest I don’t even know what genre I’m in, but I don’t think that should matter, right?

+14. Thrupence | Genie
Jack Vanzet has to be one of my favorite producers. All his songs seem to have such an emotional level to them, and I mean like every song. This song in particular was just so great to listen to on a lonely night. I will always keep this in my top 10 favorite songs for sure.

+15. Dog Bite | Would Be
Dog Bite deeply inspired me in a way that makes me want to longboard through a grungy run down city. It’s just such a cool track that makes my soul feel warm. Overall Dog Bite is just a great Grunge/Indie Rock band that I can always rely on for some downtime.