WARMER MIXTAPES #1130 | by Daniel Charles Wing [D.WING]

1. Shai | If I Ever Fall In Love
Sultry intro - moody and mysterious (captivating for the beginning of a mixtape). The lyrical content is earnest with a subtle simplicity, one of my favorite qualities of this era of RnB. I don’t know how many times I’ve practiced this song alone or in the shower, it’s embarrassing how far away from being able to sing the main vocal part I am… But trust me… I won’t stop trying.

2. Brandy | I Wanna Be Dow 
One of my most memorable times purchasing Music ever: going to Tower Records, Fall of ‘94, when I Wanna Be Down and Boyz II Men - 2 were released just one week apart, and on repeat for the foreseeable future. Fond memories of being at my friend's house (who I was in love with), in her pool pretending not to care she was doing the butterfly looking so cool, I want to be down – with only you.

3. Groove Theory | Tell Me
Tell Me does everything right. Great steady beat, minimal Production and a perfect hook. It has the longing and tenderness that makes RnB so universal and easy to connect with. I think the extra hits from the bells on the hi-hat kind of make this song, and the male vocal in the bridge sounds like it could’ve been Case, it’s not, still a tight part though.

4. Tevin Campbell | Can We Talk
Babyface is probably my favorite producer when comes to piecing together simple emotions and contagious melodies, especially Can We Talk. Tevin kills this shit (I want to sing like him so badly it hurts my soul). The simple feeling of just wanting to go up to someone you’re charmed by for whatever reason and hope you can just talk for a minute – how many times have we let that moment pass, this song won’t let it happen again.

5. Aaliyah | One In A Million 
Aaliyah is everything. Enough said. But if we’re gonna talk details – her voice is like a deep gentle rumble - a little slice of divine pleasure – nothing short of heavenly. The beat glides softly allowing for an ideal tempo to either snuggle or grind, preferably both. Not worried about which order. I miss you, baby girl.

6. Brian McKnight | Anytime 
Holy shit. When I first heard this song I teared up ever so slightly… Then weeped. Never before had I felt a beat hit so hard with such a gifted vocalist. You can hear the pain, the turmoil of wondering if the person you can’t let go of still thinks about you, McKnight just carries these emotions in every note he sings. The lyrics are straight to the point and with each flux of his voice you get more connected to that longing he is desperately trying to convey.

7. D’Angelo | Lady 
You’re my Lady  – a concept simply stated with a groove that just feels so nice. The breaks in this song are my favorite part, it builds with such smoothness then leaves you wanting to go out and fall in Love or some shit. I really admire the way D’Angelo communicates his message here, turn the lights low and them how you feel.

8. 702 | Gotta Leave 
The song basically conveys this… There are limits to the Love we give, and if you’re not gonna treat me right, and you’re gonna be mean... I gotta go and you gotta leave. You learn from your mistakes – and you were a mistake, so good. Also the bridge is really fun to sing with your friends, or alone, whatever.

9. Usher | Nice & Slow 
I wasn’t allowed to listen to most of this song growing up – every time the lyric I got plans to put my hands in places I’ve never seen… my mom would be like oh, heck no! and flip it. However, that raised my curiosity even further, and you know I didn’t use my lunch money for like 2-3 days and bought this album without her knowing the PA sticker was slapped on there. Sorry mom, but I needed to hear the rest of it.

10. Mariah Carey | Breakdown (feat. Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone)
Stevie J really produced some classics in his day. If you get a chance look up his work with Bad Boy in the 90s – do it. Breakdown is nice follow up to Nice & Slow because no romance is perfect, and reminiscing can be the hardest and most agonizing part. Mariah’s delivery on the verses and hook are so emotional and convincing, as usual. Love you MiMi.

+11. Faith Evans | I Love You 
Doesn’t matter how many times you hear those words, it always sounds new and fresh when said right. Not much else to say here.

+12. Janet Jackson | Any Time, Any Place
All I can really disclose is that this song is the first memorable time my curiosities in regards to Sex were awakened. I was home sick from School, watching MTV, and this video came on. Needless to say there was a tingling in my body that was not common to any prior feelings I’d ever had… Janet’s gentle voice and incredible presence will forever haunt me, in the best way possible.

+13. Lauren Hill | Ex-Factor 
It hurts so good.