WARMER MIXTAPES #1134 | by Thomas Ouf [Kulkid]

1. Mono | Moonlight
This is THE tune for me. It's the track I'll take with me on a desert island, the track I'll die with, the track my future wife will have to love, etc.... It's the kind of Music I was doing before I got into Electronic Music. It brings so many feelings when you listen to it, heat & cold, bliss & happiness, etc.... You could rock a baby when the Music starts, and almost be pogoing at the end. You can picture whatever you want while listening to it. It's gentle and violent at the same time. To sum up, it's exactly what Music means to me: it's a background, a soundtrack that allows you to imagine whatever you want to see.

2. Pink Floyd | Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
My dad is a huge fan of Progressive Rock, and of course of the Floyd. This tune is simply the most perfect evolving Progressive suite I've been listening to. And it's even more moving because it's a tune in memory of Syd Barrett, the ex-leader of the band.

3. Burial | Archangel
Masterpiece of Electronic Music. Sleepy and dancy at the same time. I can't help thinking of deserted streets of London by night when listening to this tune.

4. Bon Iver | Beth/Rest
We just listen to this tune all the time with my friends, so it brings lots of good memories. Bon Iver really got a unique sound, it sounds warm and vintage, but that Electronic feel is so modern too. I'm always speechless when I listen to their albums.

5. Burial + Four Tet | Moth
Two geniuses at work. When that loop comes in the intro, you're like where the fuck are they going with that, and as the tracks goes on it all makes sense. I love this kind of feel, when you don't understand something at first sight because you only have the main element, and then the sum of all the small elements around justifies it.

6. Gorillaz | Tomorrow Comes Today
This is my travel song. Whenever I'm on a plane/boat/train I put this in my ears. At first sight, it really sounds like a sad and depressed tune. But the lyrics + the childhood memories this tunes brings back make it super positive to me.

7. Jamie xx | Far Nearer
This tune has influenced my work as Kulkid A LOT. I've always been into Exotic instruments - I almost always bring an instrument back from my travels. I remember that, when I first listened to this tune, I found it was GENIUS to blend Exotic/Organic instruments and Electronic Music together. Anyway, this track is my iPhone ringtone since a year now, and this means a lot.

8. Arctic Monkeys | Arabella
I got their last album on repeat in my car, and I put that track whenever I go to a party. It pumps me up every damn time. So if you go to Aix-Les-Bains and see a Volkswagen with this tune at maximum volume, there's a chance it could be me.

9. Daft Punk | Veridis Quo
The best tune from the masters, according to me. It's the kind of tune and sound that has inspired and influenced a whole generation of musicians. And it still works today, that tune is timeless.

10. Aphex Twin | Rhubarb
This tune is just pure peace. The whole album Selected Ambient Works Volume II is a masterpiece, but Rhubarb is really my favorite tune. I don't really know why, it's just so simple and so efficient. I could be listening to that in loop on a cloud forever. Or in a plane.