WARMER MIXTAPES #1135 | by Samuel Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Benjamin Craig of Racial Purity Beatbox, Moonjean and Jensen Sportag

SIDE A | by Elvis Benjamin Craig

1. Chick Corea | The Woods 
One of the first Experimental Jazz records I can remember hearing. Vivid synths, spring reverb and beautifully fleeting themes all weave into each other.

2. Benedek | Laser Forest 
It has such an elastic thrown-around quality that is Funky as hell. Killer progressions and Moog lines.

3. Janet Jackson | Come Back To Me 
Worth it just for the intro.

4. Hugo Pratt | Night Loop 
Killer new jammy from our good buddy Sam Obey. 80's inspired synth soundscape fusion bumped through tape and just wooly enough to satisfy.

5. Oneohtrix Point Never | Cryo
Wonderfully syrupy track with an unpinnable agenda. Fantastic textures and mood by our boy.

6. Blood Orange | You're Not Good Enough
This is one of those tracks that feels like it slipped through the gate of my childhood. Classic Pop vocal anthem.

7. Yellowjackets | Shades
The Yellowjackets doing a track the Donald Fagen wrote for them. I have to love this. It's in my contract.

8. Mark Fell | Multistability 7-B
It's so much fun when you hear someone going into totally alien Programming territory. I have no idea what he's doing. Dude is a stud.

9. Theophilus London | Figure It Out (feat. Blood Orange, The Force MDs)
Maximum vox and sex appeal on display here. The chord changes are just 100% perfect.

10. Alan Braxe | One More Chance (with The Spimes)
Extremely Cinematic and Romantic piece of work by Alan. I can spot your chord progressions from 14 kilometers away, Alan.

SIDE B | by Samuel Austin Wilkinson

1. Samo Sound Boy | Open
The sveldt boss of Body High opens in full glorification of labor. Ever-rising, ever working, ever progressing, slyly uplifting. House beater with all gears exposed.

2. The Tuss | Synthacon 9
The secret Electrofunk of Richard D. Regenerating, recasting, rearranging, self-unaware. Technical College after-School lessons from the emotionally disheveled professor.

3. Drew Gragg | Metroplex Theme 
Dry-shampood. Dry-light. Gazing outside my window on a weekday. Studio Ghibli. Tape deck daydreams. Very interesting Metaphysical Leisure Music on Nicolas Jaar's Other People label.

4. TÂCHES | Malindi
Leaping, lurching, dip-dyed and soaking wet. A Dub-deep jewel of a prayer for House Music.

5. Kangding Ray | Dimen Andesso
Throbbing and cycling with purposeful excursion. Cell multiplication of elegant radial complication and a sensation of infinite duration. The Techno of a modern master.

6. LB | Thatness And Thereness (Mental Organic) (Ryuichi Sakamoto's 'Thatness And Thereness' Cover)
Mental Organic Atom™/Lassigue Bendthaus' rework of Ryuichi's Existential Escapist Poetry. Hi-Tech Kyma-Graphing. Endless precision. 808s tunneling slowly through the center. Ego surrender. Comfort in sorrow.

7. Illum Sphere | Ghosts Of Then & Now
Sweetly grave plastic parlor shuffle. Urns polished for some unknown relative. A loving Dub of doubtful duty. A new favorite on the old reliable Ninja Tune label.

8. Philippe Saisse | Glamorous Glennis
A Windham Hill highlights reel in MIDI. Arppeggio. Staccato. Toccata for toy drums. The fretless bass bemoans the beauty of the soldier in the rain.

9. Fennesz | Perfume For Winter
Cold comfort from the Austrian master of Psychedelic Ambience. A title that leads with a notion. A missing photograph wears snow. Frowning branches tell you otherwise. An act of Kindness amongst creatures less gentle in fairer weather.

10. The Sundays | Here’s Where The Story Ends
I recommend that everyone join at least one Sundays cover band.

+11. Mark Fell | Sections 8-14
A painstaking set of next-language makesnd cycling hyperlinks.

+12. Masayoshi Takanaka | Rising Arch
The tail end of peaceful levitation dream. Going straight, feeling flat. Pale stems curling outwards and upwards dripping glare from the Sun.