WARMER MIXTAPES #1137 | by Alexis Bruaert and Médéric Martin of BeatauCue

SIDE A | by Médéric Martin

1. Disclosure | What's In Your Head (Mak & Pasteman Remix)
We usually play this one in the beginning 'cause the vibe of the break get the crowd into an enjoyable mood and the chopped up vocal on the drop is wicked.

2. Samo Sound Boy | 5 Dollar Paradise
This track has a really functional groove, really easy for the crowd to follow. It's not too loopy, but still have a Techno feel and there is a great Ghetto sample in it. We usually play it before going Techno.

3. Switch & Erol Alkan | A Sidney Jook
Switch is one my favorite producers and Erol Alkan - one of my favorite DJs, so when I heard about this collaboration I was pretty excited. It's a heavy Techno track with a lot of glitches and craziness in it, I'm not sure if people are always gettin' it when we play it in the club, but it's still fun to drop it.

4. GTA | Booty Bounce (feat. DJ Funk)
This one is a high energy track for the club. The vocal sample is awesome, the broken rhythm pattern on the drop is mental. There is not that much to say about this track, it's just about having your body moving.

5. Rebecca & Fiona | Dance (The Loops Of Fury Remix)
It's one of our peaktime tune for the club, we always get everybody's hands in the air with it. I love the original too, but it's only for my iPod 'cause it's too calm.

6. Chief Keef | Cuz My Gear (feat. RiFF RAFF)
I didn't know which one to choose from RiFF RAFF, so I choose the one with Chief Keef. I love RiFF RAFF's craziness and funny flow. I don't know that much about Rap, but his Music feels different. About Chief Keef, he is the rapper that get me the most excited at the moment.

7. Rihanna | Numb (feat. Eminem)
This is my favorite Rihanna track from her Unapologetic album. I love how the track mixes the serious mysterious vibe of the verse with the 4-chords melancholic party vibe of the refrain. On the other side I don't really get the Eminem verse, but, whatever, the track is awesome.

8. Seiho | I Feel RAVE
A friend find it on Soundcloud and sent me the link. Seiho is a Japanese producer from Osaka. I love Japan, but I don't have that much Japanese Music in my iTunes besides OSTs. I'd like to find more producers like him. The track is a kind of melancholic Trap beat with great chopped up vocal. I love it. Friendzone are doing this kind of stuff too.

9. Tuff Wheelz | So Strong (The Phantom Remix)
Like the previous track, this is a kind of Trap beat with a great vibe. I especially like the arp chords being Trancy on the break and becoming Lo-Fi on the drop.

10. Marina And The Diamonds | How To Be A Heartbreaker (Kitty Pryde Remix)
My favorite Kitty Pryde track. It takes a lot of codes from Rap Music and feels very girly and young almost innocent. I really feel this vibe, 100x more than Rick Ross.

SIDE B | by Alexis Bruaert

1. Jacques Lu Cont | In The Night
We actually play this track in the beginning, right after Techno/Tech House. It always makes a good atmosphere. We also love his remix for John Dahlback.

2. Rush Chimes | Back 2 You
It's more a melody club track, I love the break and the vocal is simple but effective. Good to play this one with our own stuff. The Logisitics Remix is great too, only if people want more.

3. Hey Today! | Guru Guro
A great groovy monotone Techno track released on Kitsuné, perfect to keep the intensity in the middle of the set. It always works.

4. Two Door Cinema Club | Sun (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night Remix)
Great remix for Two Door Cinema Club from our boss Gildas, the arrangement is perfect and it always gets everybody hands in the air at the last drop. Great job from the label head honcho.

5. Alan Braxe | Addicted
A very hold tune and certainly the best from Alan Braxe. Breakbeat drums with Trance arpeggio, perfect to end our set.

6. Sweater Beats | MLLN DLLR
It's extract from my Vibe iPod playlist with tracks from 128bpm to 170bpm. This one is in the beginning, I really love the vibe, the chords and vocal the cut/pitch. I listen to this kind of Music in the plane/train/bus...

7. Brent Still Life | I Could Blame You
It's more dark than the first one. The cut vocal is completely awesome, the chord synth is a little cheap, but I think it's appreciable and appreciated by purist people.

8. Slugabed | Moutains Come Out Of The Sky (ARP 101 Remix)
A Trap melody beat with a strange vibe but still great. ARP 101 is always a little strange.

9. Netsky | 500 Days Of Summer
Certainly my favorite Drum 'N' Bass producer, 500 Days Of Summer is my best loved track from his new album. This is smoother than his usual stuff, great harmony + speedy hit hat = great combo!

10. Purity Ring | Obedear
Sounds like Kito & Reija Lee, I don't know what to say but all the EP is great. (Also the name is great too)...