WARMER MIXTAPES #1138 | by Glauco Salvo (Comaneci), Mattia Mercuriali [mERCU], Paolo Gradari (64 Slices Of American Cheese), Francesca Amati (Comaneci) and Marco Trinchillo of Amycanbe

SIDE A | by Glauco Salvo

1. The Beatles | Back In The U.S.S.R.
Five years of Music Videos. I saw the movie of a concert of The Beatles which sent my head all over the Moon.The next day my father turned back from work with the The White Album. Back In The U.S.S.R. is the opening track, and begins with the sound of an airplane.

2. Edward Jackson | Does Not Make You Drop Your Arms
A child could not hear this song without being moved, was in a box out in the annex with the unity that ran continuously in the car of my father. It was my favorite song and I guess it still is now.

3. Elizabeth Cotten | Honey Babe, Your Papa Cares For You
The first song I learned to play on the guitar, but still I've never heard the original version. The only version I know is that heard at the School of Music, made with classic tiny guitars.

4. U2 | Van Diemen's Land 
I listened to the elementary Rattle And Hum every afternoon, playing Lego. This song has always fascinated me in a strange way, sung by The Edge, with his cowboy hat and suspenders.

5. The Rolling Stones | Bitch
As a child listening to a box of my father that had only the logo printed in black on white plastic, was an object worthy of attention. Collected the hits of The Rolling Stones, Mick Taylor era and shortly after, and Bitch was my favorite. Then my mom has melted the tape approaching a lamp, one day when I vomitted...

6. The Clash | London Calling 
London Calling was the first record I bought with my pennies, along with Lou Reed's Transformer. Always read a section of Musica! by La Repubblica which was called La Discoteca Di Babele, which spoke of great records of the past, well cut out the page. And we also still have the clippings. I discovered The Clash, because it was written that they were punks.

7. Pavement | The Hexx
In High School they were my favorite band, came out in '99 on Terror Twilight. Even went to see them live with dEUS in a concert which is still spoken in our country now. An older guy who already had a driver's license was there to accompany me and my little friends, then his white Golf died leaving us on the road.

8. Ivan Graziani | Lugano Addio
One evening, smoking in the car with a friend, on Radio Italia Anni 60 they broadacsted this Italian song, which made us both crazy. Of course, in the Italian Heavy Rotation radio songs are not advertised, but the day after, giving a clue to my mother, who is a sort of human jukebox of Italian songs, I was able to go back to the title and author.

9. Robert Wyatt | Alife 
Before hearing the original version I knew this song in an A Cappella version sung by my friend Daniele in the little bar of Bellaria, after several beers. Both argue that Rock Bottom is unquestionably the finest in the Hard Rock history.

10. Nirvana | We Can Help You
Before Kurt Cobain and Grunge, Nirvana were an unknown group of English Psychedelia of '67, my friend Flavino (Lele Marcojanni, author of the last two videos of Amycanbe) found the record, The Story Of Simon Simopath in a stall near the ice cream shop where they both worked. We heard this song together a thousand times... A thousand...

SIDE B | by Paolo Gradari

1. Suzanne Vega | Luka
Solitude Standing was the first album of my childhood... Was also the first tape I stole from my brother.

2. Dire Straits | Tunnel Of Love
School trips with friends and my Walkman... A long Love (the second tape stolen from my brother).

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Breaking The Girl
From Blood Sugar Sex Magic, the album that I listened to the most between 16 and 19 and if I listen to it again now... Remains a crazy cool one!

4. Otis Redding | These Arms Of Mine
This is the perfect song, sung from the heart really, how all the songs sung by Otis are, for that matter.

5. Built To Spill | You Were Right
It is a track that has always given a great spin to me, also the text is the subject of compilation.

6. U2 | God Part II
I discovered this song by U2 and I could not stay without for a while... In the listening room with the door locked, because I knew I was a nerd who sings pretending to have a microphone in hand, but I could not help it.

7. Tom Waits | All The World Is Green
(A clarinet solo that leaves you speechless)... I tie this Music for an unforgettable concert of an artist who, unlike many others who should retire, the more he gets older the more gives birth to master pieces.

8. dEUS | Instant Street
Like a pop song completely changes shape as you listen, leading to a result, overall, brilliant.

9. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Voodoo Chile
The definition of what we mean by Treccani Rock!.

10. Calexico | Minas De Cobre
This song has contributed a lot to make me pick up the trumpet and not pull it out the window when, after some months of study, the only known tunes that came out were bowels!

+11. Arcade Fire | Intervention
I and my girlfriend adore this piece and the whole Neon Bible... The only album that I actually consumed in the last 4 years.

SIDE C | by Francesca Amati

1. Elisabeth Cotten | Freight Train
The first time I felt it... I saw a very old video of her playing and singing in an absolutely heart-warming and wonderful atmosphere. There is so much to learn.

2. Ornella Vanoni | Tatuaggio
One of the most beautiful Love songs ever written, sung by her... Then even more.

3. Nina Simone | Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker Cover)
Well... It's perfect.

4. Karen Dalton | Little Bit Of Rain (Fred Neil Cover)
I would say that if there was a magician of the lamp that could satisfy my desire to ask to have her voice... I would bring her back.

5. Smog | To Be Of Use
Bill Callahan does not make a wrong...

6. Woody Guthrie | This Land Is Your Land
So much stuff!

7. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | Ain't You Wealthy, Ain't You Wise?
When I was little, I used to make cassettes of '45 with only one song that I heard in the loop... If I wanted to do so today, I'll take this cluster piece for sure... At least on one side... A piece about 4 minutes... For about 11 times...

8. Tom Waits | Ol' '55
Or Blue Valentines... The first tape and the first record I ever bought... More if there was a magician of the lamp... Also I'd ask for his voice!

9. Otis Redding | Pain In My Heart (Irma Thomas' 'Ruler Of My Heart' Cover)
I listen to Otis Redding to Infinity... The sensuality of his voice is incredible.

10. B. J. Thomas | Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This is Love and nothing else.

SIDE D | by Marco Trinchillo

1. Mina | L'Importante È Finire
I get crazy for this arrangement and these sounds!

2. Lucio Battisti | Amarsi Un Po'
I mention this but I would say at least twenty other Battisti songs, but, since we played it also in some gigs, I particularly love it.

3. Radiohead | Nude
Not so much to say, I love Radiohead.

4. Portishead | Only You
They made me change my view, mixing up all the cards that were at the right place before then, at School I listened to them with my Walkman during lessons of Sculpture and Paint.

5. Elliot Smith | Between The Bars
Once I asked a friend of mine which record by E.S. I should buy and he replied: anything, with him you are never wrong.

6. Sean Lennon | Dead Meat
A record I consumed... Should rebuy it.

7. Lhasa | De Cala A La Pared
Unfortunately I've discovered her late, I think it was the artist that I listened the most in 2010/11, this song in particular reminds me of a beautiful summer.

8. Dr. Dog | My Old Ways
One of the bands that I love more live.

9. Pino Daniele | Viento 'E Terra
It reminds me of a car trip with my family when we went down for the holidays in Naples, and when you return back with bread, pizza and mozzarella!

10. Paul McCartney | Jenny Wren
A beautiful song in Paul McCartney's style, one that I would like to play with the guitar but I never learned.

SIDE E | by Mattia Mercuriali

1. The Beatles | Golden Slumbers
Simply because it is the most perfect song in the known Universe.

2. dEUS | Instant Street
Beautiful arrangements and a final crescendo of excitement. It drove me and learn to play guitar and find a myriad of bands I've never heard before...

3. Wilco | One Wing
Because they never stop to amaze me.

4. Graham Coxon | Flights To The Sea (Lovely Rain)
A text that I love in a song so simple that makes me feel guilty.

5. Nick Drake | River Man
If there's one thing I love are the mellow arrangements with violins and Acoustic guitar. One of Drake's songs as simple in terms of structure, but nevertheless full of pathos.

6. The Chemical Brothers | Lost In The K-Hole
One of the first bass lines that I learned to play... I did understand that sometimes you just need very little (maybe even when cloning classic old Funk) to make a great song.

7. Sonic Youth | Schizophrenia 
Love at first listen.

8. Radiohead | The National Anthem
Another song where the bass affects (almost) everything here... For me here they were at their best.

9. The Beach Boys | Wouldn't It Be Nice
The intro of a masterpiece... You can love it or you can hate it... I ignored it for a long time... Then I finally appreciated the reason why it has this love/hate reputation...

10. Lucio Battisti | Sognando E Risognando
Every time I listen... How he got in mind to do something so absurd?...