WARMER MIXTAPES #1161 | by Arthur B. [SuprA!/Half A Scissor/666†V∆ИƉ∆L]

1. CVL† SH‡† | ßƟD¥ ßΔGƵ
This song was one of the first Witch House tracks I listened to, and it’s one of the rare 128kbps-tracks-taken-from-YouTube I have on my iTunes. This song actually heavily influenced my tracks, especially the first song I posted on Soundcloud under the name of †V∆ИƉ∆L (VND3R5†4ND).

2. Jackson C. Frank | Dialogue (I Want To Be Alone)
I was with my girlfriend for three years (and when you’re 16 years old, three years is immense), and she broke up with me, and then I watch Daft Punk’s movie Electroma where this song is played, and I listened to it on repeat for 2 weeks. It’s a very sad song, but now I smile when I listen to it.

3. Danger | 88:88 (Stage 3 'The Club' Danger Edit)
OK, this song is fuckin’ INTENSE, it’s one of the best Electronic songs ever made. There is a kind of stroboscopic synth that came at the drop which is full of madness that the original 88:88 don’t have. This remix is definitely awesome.

4. Röyksopp | Happy Up Here (Boys Noize Remix)
This song should be in a movie, like a space rocket ready to be launch scene, because it works a kind of pression on you from the begging 'til the end.

5. Crystal Castles | Violent Dreams
Do I have to present Crystal Castles? Well, there are so many songs that I like from them that it was difficult to chose one. At first they were very 8bit-friendly, but with the time they started making more Witch-House-alike songs, so I think they are the most known in this genre right now.

6. Group Home | Livin' Proof
Group Home keep it trill, these guys was what Rap was all about. I’m not nostalgic about that 1995-Rap because I wasn’t born, but it still is the trillest shit out there.

7. Waka Flocka Flame | Bricksquad  (feat. Gudda Gudda)
OK, this song probably got the shittiest lyrics ever, it goes like young money bricksquad, young money, young money the whole song, but anyway this is dope. I’m a Freestyle Skier, and live in the Alps in France, and in this Freestyle community people are really into that kind of songs because I think it gives you a particular state of mind that allows you to drop 30 meters jumps without being scared because you’re suddenly a gangsta.

8. Dustin Zahn | Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki Podium Mix)
The build up of this song is just awesome, when I mix this in live people always enjoy it because of the power it blows. One of the best all-time great Techno tracks I have for sure.

These guys are my inspiration, when I make Music as 666†V∆ИƉ∆L it's impossible to not think of them. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s a perfection of imperfections and that’s what Witch House is all about.

10. The Electronic Circus | Direct Lines
I really like this kind of 80’s songs, so here is one of my favorites, not so much to talk about, this is just a song I really like.

+11. Shlohmo | Teeth
+12. Oneohtrix Point Never | Ruined Lives