WARMER MIXTAPES #1162 | by Marley Blandford

1. John Mayer | Gravity (Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles DVD Version)
I love this track and basically everything about it, but the Live In LA version is one of my favourite performances ever, if not my favourite! It’s an amazing Bluesy ballad and contains so many solos and so much dynamic. It blows me away, and I had to put this at number one. The first time I watched the DVD, I couldn’t believe my ears when I watched this performance, and I’d recommend it to absolutely anybody.

2. Ben Howard | The Fear
This track and Gravity are both joint number one in my eyes, but I’m not allowed to do that, so I’ll put this at number 2! All this song reminds me of riding 'round in the Summer and hanging out with friends. Every Kingdom is one of my favourite albums ever, but this track is the reason I took Music as a career. The line I’ve been worried that we all live out lives in the confines of fear is the reason I dropped out of ICT in College and pursued Music as a full time career.

3. Frank Sinatra | Day In - Day Out (Bob Crosby & His Orchestra with Helen Ward Cover)
Possibly my favourite track by the voice himself. Reminds me of all the shows I played with a Swing band when I played drums for them. We used to play these 1940s theme nights around the South and this was the one track I used to take lead vocals for. All 'round good and energetic memories with this one. My favourite part to listen to on the original is the massive instrumental middle 8, the brass on the track sounds incredible.

4. Fleet Foxes | The Shrine/An Argument
This is one of my favourite bands and this song is an absolute masterpiece. It’s an eight minute epic of so many sections. I used to listen to this album a lot whilst I was starting to write my first demo album and I think I took a lot of inspiration from this track, it’s an amazing song.

5. The Police | Walking On The Moon
Hands down, one of the best songs written. So simple but effective and I played it acoustically throughout this past Summer at several gigs. It’s so fun to perform and Sting’s vocals on the original version gives me chills on each listen.

6. Chris Ricketts | Where Are You Tonight? (with Becky Jerams)
This guy is someone I supported at the Wedgewood Rooms a while ago and he’s easily become one of my favourite artists since listening to his album so much. This track also came into my life at the time of a horrible breakup and it helped me through that hard time, so I think that’s why I became so fond of the song. It’s a lovely duet and I also covered it with a good friend of mine last year.

7. Snow Patrol | The Planets Bend Between Us
I’ve always been a big Snow Patrol fan. I always listen to their best of album when I’m on a bike ride late at night around Portsmouth, and this track is one of my favourites of theirs. There is just something in the track that I find magic to my ears.

8. Frank Sinatra | Moonlight In Vermont (Margaret Whiting Cover)
I have so many memories with this song. Mostly from walking home after gigs late at night when I’m still in such a great mood. My good friend, Phoebe, introduced me to Sinatra’s not so known works and this track stands out amongst the rest in my opinion. I also love how each verse is a haiku.

9. Fleetwood Mac | Need Your Love So Bad (Little Willie John Cover)
I used to play this track in my College band and we played it at a local Blues night the College put on. Even though it’s a slower track, it was one of my favourites to play that night. The hushed atmosphere it created was so memorable.

10. Sting | Englishman In New York
This track was possibly the first I ever heard from Sting at a younger age. Apart from Bob Marley, Sting’s Music had influenced my songwriting from the beginning. This song also brings back memories of jamming out the track with a few old friends.