WARMER MIXTAPES #1163 | by Christopher Nissen [Christopher]

1. John Mayer | Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
Probably THE song in my iTunes with most plays. This song means a lot to me! I'm just a huge John Mayer fan and love everything that he does, but this song gives my the creeps everytime! I listened to this song and his Continuum album everyday for almost a year. I almost cried when I saw him live for the first time and he started playing that intro.

2. Jason Mraz | I'm Yours
This was the first song I learned on the guitar. I fell in Love with this song the first time I heard it and I still think it's amazing! Everytime I hear it on the radio I'm instantly 17 again and get that feeling of leaving everything behind and just go somewhere with my bagpack and my best friend.

3. Justin Timberlake | Cry Me A River 
One of my favorite numbers of all time, and as a huge JT fan I must say this is still his best!! And that Music Video is an absolute masterpiece.

4. Chris Brown | With You 
Love Chris Brown and LOVE this song. Always makes me smile and wanna dance and definitely one of his best.

5. Bruno Mars | Locked Out Of Heaven
Also one of my favorite artists! Amazing singer and this record is just dope! I remember the first time a heard this song it reminded me a lot of Sting and Police, which is a good thing. Great Pop song, love his songs Grenade and Just The Way You Are too.

6. Pharrell Williams | Happy 
You just gotta love this song, it's just such a cool vibe and it simply makes you happy. Pharrell is so AWESOME and that Music Video is amazing too.

7. Gotye | Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)
Actually not one of my favorite songs, but I have so many good memories with this song and it throws me back to so many random drunken nights with my friends.

8. Mario | Let Me Love You
This song is just amazing and I scream along everytime it comes on! Makes it even better that Ne-Yo wrote it.

9. Queen | Bohemian Rhapsody
This was my favorite song for a long time and I actually think it is ranged as one of the best songs ever written somewhere. Mr. Mercury is one of my favorite male singers of all time and this song is the reason why!

10. Michael Jackson | The Way You Make Me Feel
No top 10 without Michael, he is the King and always will be! This song and especially the vocals on this song is out of this world! If you ever get the chance listen to the A Capella version on YouTube... That is unbelievable!