WARMER MIXTAPES #1165 | by Ricardo León of Radio Veneno, Kiosco and Caiman

1. Los Lobos | We Belong Together (Ritchie Valens Cover) (La Bamba Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
There's a movie called La Bamba, about Ritchie Valen's life. When I was 12 years old I saw this movie, there's a scene in which Ritchie is recording this song with his manager. When Ritchie finishes singing, the manager was in shock because he did well. I saw that and since that moment I knew what do I wanted to do in life, and it was Music.

2. Backstreet Boys | Larger Than Life
When I was like 12 years old, I was a big fan of the Backstreet Boys, I wanted to be the sixth BSB. My parents gave me the Millennium album and I loved Larger Than Life, so each Sunday I made a show (or what I thought it was a show) dancing and singing that song. I charged my parents 2 dollars for the show, until they stoped assisting.

3. Elvis Presley | Don't Be Cruel
For me, Elvis is the greatest singer. My grandma loves Rock 'N' Roll, and when I was little, she taught me how to dance with this song.

4. The Clash | Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Every time I listen this song, I imagine my crush dancing it. That image in my mind is sexy.

5. Wheatus | Teenage Dirtbag
I listened to this song when I was on High School, and I was kind of ugly (you know, everyone has been ugly for once in life... I think so). All the girls that I liked at School were dating older guys, and I felt like shit because no one wanted to go out with me. (Times have changed, thank God, haha).

6. Queen | Don't Stop Me Now
Don't Stop Me Now is one of those songs that makes me feel powerful. I like to listen to this song when I wake up at 6 am and I'm in a bad mood.

7.  José Mojica | Solamente Una Vez (with Ana María González & Silvana Roth) (Melodías De América Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This song was written by a great Mexican songwriter, Agustín Lara, and it's about Love. The main message is that you only have one true love in your life. On my grandma's 80 birthday, we went to a restaurant and a guy started to sing this song. My grandma started crying because my grandfather (who died many years ago) dedicated this song to her; so everybody at the table was crying.

8. Frank Sinatra | Fly Me To The Moon (Kaye Ballard's 'In Other Words' Cover)
The last time that I dedicated a song to a girl was like six months ago and it was this song.

9. Johnny Cash | I've Been Everywhere (Lucky Starr Cover)
I love Johnny Cash, and 'specially this song because I want to go everywhere with my Music.

10. Lenny Kravitz | Are You Gonna Go My Way
Yes, Lenny, I'm gonna go your way! - is what I think while I'm headbanging with this song.

+11. Will Smith | Gettin' Jiggy Wit It 
If one day there's a movie about my life, I want Will Smith to sing the Theme Song.