WARMER MIXTAPES #1166 | by Victor Ikaros, Kristina Merely (Merely) and Gregorian Charles of Team Rockit

SIDE A | by Victor Ikaros

1. François Couperin | Les Barricades Mystérieuses (Played by Yves Beaupre & Ryan Gallagher)
This song feels like home. When I was 14 I visited Château De Versailles with my French class from School. It felt like I was visiting my past, walking around in the mirror hall I thought maybe I was Marie Antoinette in my previous life.

2. Arca | Fossil
It is almost hard for me to think that this song is made by a human being, it sounds more like being descended down to the inner core of the planet, listening to the humming of Mother Nature and choirs of civilizations long gone.

3. T.I. | What You Know
What You Know is a perfect piece of Music, a clear crystal of bright energy. When I listen to it I imagine my skin turning into chrome or silver. I become a golem… In a lowrider.

4. ABBA | Arrival
When the end credits of my life roll by I want it to feel like this, complete release and acceptance. All my ancestors welcoming me to the other side, smiling. Man, what a way to go. Finally Free.

5. Oneothrix Point Never | Americans
Like a radio caught between two transmissions, one playing ancient hymns, the other broadcasting the static and white noise of modern society.

6. Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu | Song Of Prayer - Bahamut (Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack)
In a parallel universe someone is singing this prayer over and over again, trying to tell me something. I keep listening and I think I understand, at least sometimes.

7. Rustie | Glass Swords
This song is like an earthquake or explosion. Kinda like the Tunguska event. Was it caused by an asteroid? A comet? The hand of God? Or was the Tunguska event caused by the guitar solo in this song? We will never know.

8. Lisa Gerrard | Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow)
Lisa truly is a godess, I know for sure she is not of this Earth. I could never pick a favorite of her songs, but I had to pick something. I didn’t dare listening to it while writing this, knowing what is could do to me.

9. Wasted Penguinz | Circle Of Life
A famous philosopher once said that hardstyle can never die, for it is Life itself. This tune sounds like having some kind of seizure, then waking up gaining new powerful insights about Life.

10. Death Grips | Lord Of The Game (feat. Mexican Girl)
Not everything has meaning but that doesn’t make it meaningless. Randomness and Chaos is equally beautiful as Order and Structure. I think MC Ride knows this. Or maybe he doesn't give a fuck.

SIDE B | by Kristina Merely

1. Marie Fredriksson | Medan Tiden Är Inne
One of the first heartbreaking songs I heard as a youngster and it still makes me shiver. Thank you, Marie, for making me feel so much as a child!!!

2. Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff | Prelude In G Minor, Op. 23, No. 5 (Played by Emil Gilels)
The Russian Romanticism era is over, like totally. Rachmaninoff is one of my absolute favourites from the past tho'.

3. Headstrong | Tears (feat. Stine Grove) (Aurosonic Progressive Mix)
Female Trance vocalists are my BFF's. Like this singing genius Stine Grove. And the song is a bomb.

4. SoundLift | Give You My Love (feat. Adrina Thorpe)
And Adrina Thorpe, my darling… Her voice is as if Light elves floating upwards in a spiral force creating this fan vault looking sky. And SoundLift is one of the best uplifting Trance producers which make sense here. Fuck, this song is pure.

5. Riwkakant | Key Of Life
Aaaawww, this one is so ridiculously lovely and I get so very giggly and happy when I hear it.

6. Stellamara | Prituri Se Planinata
This is tunes coming out of my sepulchre.

7. The Cranberries | Shattered
Definitely the most important song of my life... *You're welcome*.

8. Harald Sigurd Johan Sæverud | Rondo Amoroso, Op. 14a, No. 7 (Played by Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra; Conductor: Mikhail Jurowski)
My mother sometimes used to play this song on piano when I was a child and if she played other songs I used to tell her to play this one instead.

9. Armin Van Buuren | Mirage
With Desiderium 207 as Intro... Listening to this song I imagine myself running into a bloody battle. Completely without fear. Just flesh. Not a tear. No regret. Where only Fate awaits.

10. Ferry Corsten | Shanti
I love every single thing Ferry has made so I did a Corsten shuffle roulette and this one came on first.

SIDE C | by Gregorian Charles

1. Michiru Oshima | Heal (Ico Original Soundtrack)
This is the most tranquil song I know. A stone bench drenched in Sunlight. I wish everyone got to play Ico.

2. Momus | Closer To You (Slender Sherbet Version)
Somewhat closer than usual to the heart of Creation, but far from close enough.

3. Sågskära | Jag Haver Ingen Kärare 

4. Antonín Leopold Dvořák | The Symphony No. 9 In E Minor, From The New World, Op. 95, B. 178: 2. Largo (Played by Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor: Mariss Jansons)
Very catchy but also very brooding.

5. DJ Sharpnel | The Others
OtakuSpeedVibe 4 Life.

6. RATN | Ato Mou Ikkai Dake 
Just one more time, watashi ni kissu suru. I speak Japanese if you didn't know...

7. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Mass In C Minor: Gloria - Qui Tollis, K. 427 (Performed by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra with Barbara Hendricks, Janet Perry, Peter Schreier, Benjamin Luxo; Conductor: Herbert von Karajan)
It’s like this is the soundtrack to everything that has ever been forbidden.

8. Gouryella | Ligaya (Ferry Corsten Remix) 
All I can think of is a very specific, glorious dawn beneath a castle in Stockholm, newly bathed and alone in the Universe.

9. Jonathan Goldman | Holy Harmony 
The solfeggio scale is a very potent force. Don’t take it lightly.

10. R. Kelly | 3-Way Phone Call (feat. Kelly Price, Kim Burrell & Maurice Mahon)
Know that Faith is with us.

+11. Masami Ueda | Taking The Bait (Okami Original Soundtrack)
This is the second most tranquil song I know. Layers of petals, a white wolf watching over a deer with no judgement in its eyes.