WARMER MIXTAPES #1167 | by Jordan Meinecke [Tigra/Younity]

1. Four Tet | 0181
This was released at such a crucial time for me. Almost kind of cheating, with it being 38 minutes of Four Tetty goodness, can't go wrong and it's still ahead of its time for being years old material already.

2. Bersarin Quartett | Mehr Als Alles Andere 
This song is just a piece of Art... The pacing, the buildup, the drop... Truly expanded my mind once I heard it.

3. Christ. | Cordate
I Love BOC and Christ. is a closely related to them. This song cheers me up in ways I can't describe. It's like radiant goodness in sonic form.

This obscure dude made a piece of Music that will stick with me. It showed me how such simple things can add up to create something beautiful.

5. Shabazz Palaces | Are You... Can You... Were You? (Felt)
This song reignited my love for Sampling. The vocals and the dynamic between them and the production just makes this a landmark piece in my book.

6. Floating Points | Sais
Floating Points is one of my favorite artists, I absolutely love the vibes he consistently brings to the table. Sais is probably the longest track that I will subject myself to repeat listens with.

7. Captain Murphy | Immaculation (feat. Azizi Gibson and Jerimiah Jae)
This one really pulled Captain Murphy's debut together for me. A lot of other tracks were very silly, but the featured artists on this track threw down so hard that it is now one of my favorite all time songs... And I'm pretty far from a Hip Hop head.

8. Oren Ambarchi | Remedios The Beauty
I love this song. I've progressed as a human being listening to this song. I swear one time I felt source energy while meditating to this. Forever will it remain with me.

9. Tall Black Guy | Water No Enemy (Fela Kuti's 'Water No Get Enemy' Rework)
This song is big for me for two reasons. One, it's an amazing rework and two... It introduced me to Fela Kuti who is continuing to inspire me musically and socially. I would have chosen Fela Kuti's original but someone else had already done that in their playlist.

10. Sepalcure | See Me Feel Me
I listen to this song as I type this. It always makes me feel goosebumps, and I love playing it regardless of where I am... If you don't like this song then I probably don't want to be your friend.