WARMER MIXTAPES #1173 | by John Daniel [Forest Management] of Infero

Music For A Late-Night Errand

Driving is one of my favorite things to do, and after dusk it can almost be therapeutic. I’ve selected ten tracks (in no particular order) that best represent the sounds I have often cruised around to… While everyone else sleeps.

1. Porter Ricks | Port Gentil
As Fate would have it, I got really deep into Minimal Techno about a year or two ago. I stumbled upon Porter Ricks’ classic 1993 record Biokinetics one night, after perusing a few Best Of The 90’s lists. This track encompasses so much of what I love about Music. It’s a heady combination of rhythm, Sound Design, and Ambient tones/textures.

2. Belong | Never Came Close
When Kranky released Common Era in 2012, I immediately jumped head-first into the world of Belong. I’ve listened to this record close to a few hundred times – mostly in the car. It’s just one of those records that consistently resonates with where my head’s at. Not Music that you need to closely scrutinize or given reason for – it just exists in the backstage of your life. Probably one of my favorite bands too - October Language is my most prized vinyl.

3. Loscil | Fern And Robin
Loscil is an artist who I’ve always admired, and Endless Falls is a thing of beauty. Scott’s production technique is flawless to me – the clarity of sound yet intimate atmosphere that he carefully constructs always resonates very well with my mind’s energy and activity. It’s music that comes alongside you.

4. Function | Inter
More Minimal Techno - Ember is a great record, all around. I’m quite attracted to the pure, light sounds that Function creates here. There can sometimes be darker themes and sounds found in this scene/genre, so I can always look to Ember when I need that breath of fresh air.

5. William Basinski | Melancholia II
Melancholia II is one of my favorite compositions of all time. I discovered the work of William Basinski at a pretty quiet, introspective time of my life, and the emotions and images that I experience when listening to Melancholia cannot be fully explained with words. It just… Is.

6. Ryoji Ikeda | data.matrix
Japanese sound artist Ryoji Ikeda is one of a kind, and data.matrix is the climax of his patient Minimal masterpiece dataplex. I seem to have a thing for certain types of Drone sounds – particularly low frequency hums that can lose your attention after a few minutes. Listening to this track at high volume makes you feel like you’re in a high-security data room packed with supercomputers. Beauty in Digital form.

7. Grouper | Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping
Having sort of grown up in the Folk Music scene, I’ve always had a soft spot for the timbre of an Acoustic guitar. Liz Harris (aka Grouper)’s gentle voice and reverb-drenched mix is an obvious pick for me. Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill is great for a late Summer/early Fall drive, with a special someone. I used to spend some quality time (in the front seats) of my car with this one…

8. Alice Coltrane | Blue Nile
The vast world of the Coltrane's is an all-year-round fixture for me. I’m convinced that listening to Avant/Free Jazz is a healthy exercise for any artist. It does something really good for your brain.

9. Voices From The Lake | Vega
One of my top three listens of 2012, Voices From The Lake’s self-titled Ambient Techno stunner almost got me some serious speeding tickets. Donato Dozzy and Neel are two genius sculptors of Sound, and they each have the discography to prove it. After first listening to VFTL I’m still digging through loads of records and associated artists.

10. David Tagg | Untitled 1 (from Waist Deep Seas Of Milk)
My friend Drew introduced me to David Tagg’s music a few years back, and Waist Deep Seas Of Milk is still one of my favorite Ambient records of all time. This particular track does a lot for me – it’s the epitome of my favorite kind of texture and warm drone. Much like #5 on this list, my initial experience of listening to this Music came at an important time of my life. I’m very grateful for it.